MARINA DEL REY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 1, 2007 -- 5G Wireless Communications Inc. (OTCBB: FGWI), a leader in the wireless broadband industry, announced today that the Wireless Stock Review has initiated coverage of their activities. "We've been following the work of Industry Stock Review, and its industry specific newsletters, for some time now and are extremely impressed with their uncanny ability to ferret out micro-cap opportunities in the broader marketplace. We also believe their method of alerting their subscribers to opportunities within a given industry, in our case the Wireless Internet services sector, is at the same time, a common sense and cost-effective method to report our corporate progress to a 'natural' audience of investors, both individual and institutional. By default, these investors have an interest in publicly traded providers of Wireless services, which is why we engaged their services," stated Jerry Dix, CEO.

"While we understand that their various newsletters do not issue earnings or sales projections, price targets or even buy/sell edicts, their team has an enviable ability to put any investment perspective into plain English. And while corporate performance is the ultimate determinant of the share price of any publicly traded company, including ours, we are also well aware of the interim results* they achieved with the following "start-up" client companies and feel they provide the ideal platform to also keep our current and prospective shareholders abreast of our achievements deploying our G-Force 850 Base Station:

2002. Hollywood Stock Review: SLS International $0.25 to $4.25.

2003. Internet Stock Review: Z-Trim $0.35 to $9.00.

2004. Wireless Stock Review: Roaming Messenger: $0.11 to $3.75.

2005. Solar Stock Review: XsunX $0.09 to $2.91.
"Obviously, we're proud of our track record," stated Roland Perry, editor of the Wireless Stock Review. Adding, "...while many micro-cap companies fall short of long term success due to the inherent competitive landscape of business in general, as well as challenges in securing adequate and/or non-dilutive financing -- there is little question in our mind that they can provide incredible runs, during the initial stages of a product or service launch -- which simply can't be found in any other sector of the market. It's not a market for widows and orphans, or even inexperienced speculators. But for those who know what they're doing, for those who know how to take small losses and those who can follow the basic principals of speculation, there is nothing quite like it. It's exhilarating, it's entertaining and like venture capital, it can on occasion be enormously profitable."

"While modestly capitalized, we're extremely excited about the potential that 5G Wireless has in the area of low-cost Wireless Broadband access via its powerful G-Force 850 Base Station and related repeater stations," said Mr. Perry. "Everyone understands how attractive a wireless broadband connection is -- whether it is at their home, place of work or in wide spread campus-like environment. Similarly, everyone understands, or should be able to understand, the potential that a company has -- which can provide a low cost wireless broadband connection almost anywhere in the world -- including in areas once before thought unimaginable within emerging nations, primarily due to cost constraints."

"Quite literally, 5G Wireless can provide a large inexpensive wireless area for a broadband Internet connection at schools, at parks, at sports stadiums, at resorts, warehouses, restaurants or even at a police or fire station. Basically by using 5G Wireless, anywhere you can carry a laptop, you can now get a wireless Internet connection," he noted.

"Of course, the ability to get a wireless connection nearly anywhere today exists, but to get one in a cost effective manner does not," added Mr. Perry. "And if a wireless connection can't be inexpensively provided, odds are it won't be provided at all, which is in essence why we can't go just anywhere today, open our laptop and get on-line. 5G Wireless has set out to change all of that with the G-Force 850 Base Station. In a college campus environment for example, there is no need to buy hundreds of access points to cover the campus. One strategically placed 5G Wireless "G-Force 850 Base Station" can provide 360 degree roaming coverage, with full data rate for up to 1000+ associated users who are using standard Wi-Fi PC cards. Nothing short of amazing." As Jerry Dix, CEO, has stated and to which we agree, "...helping to improve access to information is good for society as a whole." We'll add to that, it's good for business too.

At UCLA's Anderson School for Business Management for example, 5G Wireless provided a complete Wi-Fi solution. At this leading academic institution, a single 5G Wireless "G-Force Base Station" tuned to the school's boundaries, covered all classrooms and common areas. The single rooftop-mounted radio provided full bandwidth coverage to 1,000+ associated users inside and outside school buildings. A second group of Indoor Stations were installed inside 14 classrooms, enabling faculty to locally control Internet access. In addition, 5G Wireless provided UCLA with the system, a one year warranty and a three year maintenance contract, saving the school tens of thousands of dollars in acquisition and radio maintenance costs."

Bruce Willison, Dean of the UCLA Anderson School, stated, "5G Wireless made it happen, addressed everyone's requirements for the project, and made us look good in the process. Now we have an infrastructure that went from behind the curve to leading edge, in just a matter of days."

UCLA Anderson School Case Study:

Another example is the recently announced contract to provide the first country-wide wireless broadband network in Bahrain, where only 5% of homes have broadband Internet access. Once the network is completed, broadband connectivity will be made available to the entire population of about 700,000 people in Bahrain. Each cluster is expected to be deployed within 30-60 days from receipt of goods in Bahrain. Completion of the contract is expected to be within 18-24 months. 5G has stated it has already received a partial order for the first cluster out of an expected 20-25 cluster orders. With each cluster estimated at $250,000, the total value of the contract is near $6,000,000.

Bahrain has the fastest growing economy in the Arab World and has the freest economy in the Middle East according to the Index of Economic freedom, published by the Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal. Bahrain is also the home of Formula One Racing in the Middle East and home to Michael Jackson and Shakira. While Islam is the main religion, Bahrainis have been known for their tolerance, and alongside mosques can be found churches, a Hindu temple, a Sikh Gurudwara and a Jewish synagogue.

Hassane Mroue, General Manager of AngelWireless, stated, "The success of the deployment in Bahrain will be considered the first country-wide wireless broadband network where users will be roaming with the same subscription at any point in the covered area, and we believe that our deployment will raise many questions on the up-coming WiMax technology and its feasibility."

"In summary, in our opinion," stated Mr. Perry, "as investors begin to understand and/or envision the gross number of actual locations throughout the United States and particularly abroad, which could use a inexpensive broadband wireless connection provided by the 5G Wireless G-Force 850, that investor interest will develop. We look forward to telling the story and providing progress updates to the investment community."

Currently the company is targeted three primary areas which are covered in greater detail in the report: Colleges, Universities and High Schools with Campus-Wide coverage. International with City-Wide coverage. Time-Share Resorts with Resort-Wide coverage.

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Each month the Wireless Stock Review issues the Top Performing Wireless stock list, with percentages gained year to date and a brief corporate description. 5G Wireless is a client of Institutional Analyst Inc., (IAHI) the publisher of the Wireless Stock Review and an independent investment research and investor relations firm and notes IAHI has been compensated 200 thousand restricted shares and $5,000, as required to be disclosed by SEC Rule 17b.

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5G Wireless Communications Inc. is a wireless systems infrastructure company with technology and network architecture based on standard IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi equipment. The 5G Wi-Fi system functions through macro-cell base stations deployed in key areas, while dead spots are filled in with smaller micro cells following the proven deployment strategy used today by cellular carriers. This type of structural design allows for a well-tailored combination of cells resulting in the ability to add higher capacity where and when needed. 5G Wireless Base Stations have the advantage of multiple usage and varying functionalities for both the private and public sectors, including governance and administration for government departments, security and intelligence purposes, and educational uses, as well as for the management of data by businesses and companies. 5G Wireless' value proposition -- significantly increased performance at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) -- is quickly becoming a key consideration in the strategic deployment of the wireless experience. The company is located in Marina del Rey, CA. For additional information call 800.916.1611 or visit

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