TOKYO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 5, 2007 -- AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE, INC. -- Adding another user-requested option to their award-winning eLoad line, AMREL introduces the ultra-low current range option. Designed to meet the fast-expanding requirements of the Fuel Cell, Battery and ATE Industries, AMREL is pleased to premiere their ultra-low range option for eLoads at the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo in Japan.

AMREL manufactures the broadest line of eLoads featuring industry-leading accuracy, precision, and resolution in both high-power water-cooled (PLW) and air-cooled (PLA) electronic loads. Amrel high-power eLoads use shunts characterized for high capacity and ultra-low resistance. With low level signals, heat-induced and system noise have a large negative impact on the accuracy of measurements. To solve these problems, AMREL has introduced very precise current accuracy and resolution for low current measurements. This new ultra-low range option is available for AMREL's PLA/PLW eLoads Series.

The characterization of single cell Fuel Cells requires current measurement errors and resolution in the "low" milliamps. Adding the ultra-low current option to AMREL's existing PLA/PLW eLoad series provides a viable solution for single-cell fuel cell test applications. In the same eLoad instrument, short-stack and full-stack fuel cell tests are performed through the high power, voltage, and current ratings provided in the PLA/PLW eLoads series.


Amrel's Ultra-low Current range is customizable in 1A (0.0625mA Resolution/1.5mA Worst-case Accuracy); 3A (0.1875mA/3.5mA); 5A (0.3125mA/5.5mA); 10A (0.625mA/10.5mA) and 15A (0.9735mA/15.5mA) Ratings.

The addition of an Ultra-precise current option provides a single instrument solution for fuel cell, battery, avionics, aerospace, power electronics and other applications that require coexistent low current accuracy/resolution, and high current/power/voltage capability. AMREL invites attendees at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo to visit booth # 13-8 for a demonstration. For additional information you can contact AMREL at (626) 443-6818, e-mail or go to

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