LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 7, 2007 -- Content Screeners and DAVE Networks, Inc. announced today a joint marketing partnership that would combine Content Screeners services with DAVE's S.O.C.I.A.L. Platform. DAVE's S.O.C.I.A.L. Platform allows brands and content owners to create quick time-to-market white label broadband video portals and social communities. Together with Content Screeners, the combined effort gives brands and content owners a total solution for leveraging the user-generated content phenomena while keeping content clean and legal.

As the popularity of user generated content and Web 2.0 technologies continue to grow, the threat of copyright infringement and inappropriate material continues to be a major problem that threatens to impede its growth. Inappropriate, malicious and infringing content is the damaging side effect of the exploding growth of user generated content and web site enterprises that facilitate sharing. Through its Review Management System in Atlanta, GA and network of screening centers in the US, Content Screeners' mission is to mitigate the risks and liabilities for their customers.

"Inappropriate content and copyright infringement are serious issues to our business and customers," says Trey Gaskins, Chief Operating Officer at DAVE Networks. "Partnering with Content Screeners will allow our customers to share the right content and keep the rest off our site without the staffing nightmares."

DAVE Networks' S.O.C.I.A.L. platform enables brands to create quick time-to-market, interactive video social community portals that function as a public hub where customers, fans, and users can develop dynamic personalized profiles, upload and share content, blog/video blog, comment on message boards, and much more with this turnkey, white label technology platform. Users can discover, acquire, consume, upload, and share media from their own website and/or those of their friends.

"DAVE Networks is a leader in helping companies tap into the user-generated content arena with its enabling technology platform," says Jeff Horton, President of Content Screeners. "We are excited to be able to integrate Content Screeners' services into DAVE's offering."

The combined Content Screeners and DAVE Networks solution is currently being delivered to pilot customers.

About Content Screeners, Inc.

Content Screeners, Inc. provides content screening services to video sharing, social network and online content provider sites. Through the use of innovative tools, workflow management and a highly trained distributed screening staff, Content Screeners identifies inappropriate, damaging and infringing content helping content sites protect their image, manage their risk and control their costs. Located in Atlanta, GA, Content Screeners serves its customers from its Review Management System in Atlanta, GA and screening centers in the US. For more information, please visit www.contentscreeners.com.

About DAVE Networks

DAVE Networks, Inc. is the first provider of an integrated video distribution and social community platform designed to ignite brands. Founded in 2003, DAVE Networks has built a robust set of software features that empower brands to build digital ecosystems while embracing online social communities. S.O.C.I.A.L. is the first platform to enable both big, enterprise brands, as well as emerging brands, to fortify online brand impact on what we call the "New Web" -- the social Web. For more information, please visit www.davenw.com.

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