CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 7, 2007 -- Two by Four, a leading integrated marketing agency offering advertising, design, promotions, direct response and event marketing services, introduced today a new division called "thirdgear," which is dedicated to marketing to the large, economically powerful, and all-too-often ignored 40+ demographic.

According to recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there are more than 100 million people in the U.S. aged 40 and over that wield more than $2.1 trillion in purchasing power. So why are so many marketers ignoring them?

"This is precisely why we decided to start thirdgear," explains Steve Kanney, thirdgear's lead architect, who co-founded the division with colleagues Dennis O'Connell and Mike Meyers. "There are more of us than any other generation in history. We're spending a trillion dollars more annually than any other age group. Yet it feels like the world revolves around people half our age. When was the last time a marketing company went to a major brand with ideas targeted to this huge demographic? Everything from automobiles to electronics and fashion seem to be missing the mark. thirdgear is here to give the 40+ market a voice, and help companies tailor their products and services, or 'gear' as we call it, to people that are waiting for it."

For many individuals in this age group, attention from marketers has been a longtime coming. According to an article published by BusinessWeek, 66 percent of third stagers agree that "advertisers target people younger than I am." Additionally, a study completed by AutoPacific found that an average household buys 13 cars in a lifetime, but nine of those cars are purchased after the age of 40. Despite these figures 10 percent of automotive marketing dollars are targeted at the 40+ market.

"Everything from product design to messaging is aimed at the 18 to 34-year-old demographic, which in most cases has limited time and resources to spend on a brand," added Dennis O'Connell, manAging director for thirdgear. "Third stagers -- ages 40 to 70 buy into an experience, a lifestyle. They're ready to enjoy the fun and freedom (FUNDOM) they've earned after years of hard work. And they're not afraid to spend money to enjoy themselves. Thirdgear will help companies sponsor this third stage lifestyle."

What makes thirdgear unique from other innovative marketers out there?

"We decided to make thirdgear more than just a couple of gray-haired guys with a lot of brand-building experience," said Mike Meyers, thirdgear's director of fundom. "We created a living, breathing community that connects people with brands at every stage of their development. Our clients actually have the opportunity to gain direct feedback from thousands of consumers we like to call 'gearheads,' who are active, vibrant third stagers more than willing to tell us what they think... they're far from shy. They're involved in everything from testing ideas and products to making recommendations and generating buzz."

In return for their expert opinions, thirdgear's gearheads can influence how products and services are made and marketed to them, as well as receive lots of free stuff, compliments of thirdgear.

For those 40+ consumers interested in becoming a gearhead, please visit

About thirdgear

thirdgear, a division of Two by Four, is dedicated to marketing to the large, economically powerful, and all-too-often ignored 40+ segment. More information on thirdgear can be found at Two by Four is a fully integrated agency focused on developing market changing ideas that knock consumers upside the head and leave an impression. Core service offerings include advertising, design, promotions, direct response and event marketing. Clients include Wrangler Jeans, The Chicago White Sox, Bridgestone Firestone, W.W. Grainger and U.S. Cellular. For more information, please visit

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