ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 16, 2007 -- Ewire -- Contracts have become a way of life. No longer do people trust taking someone's word or handshake as proof that a deal will happen. But what happens when the situation changes and your readers need to go back and modify the terms of an agreement? Marc Freeman's new book, "Renegotiate with Integrity: It's Not Business, It's Personal," set to be released on March 15, 2007, provides five principles that create the stepping-stones for altering, revising or changing a previously negotiated relationship.

After successfully renegotiating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts all over the world, Marc has perfected his five principles. These theories and tangible best practices can be implemented instantly to provide immediate benefits to anyone who wants to improve professional or personal relationships.

"Marc Freeman has the willingness and experience to help parties adjust or rearrange their future relationships," said Herb Cohen, author of "You Can Negotiate Anything." "In short, he is a modern day 'rainmaker' who can transform chaos into cosmos."

The principles and examples that are shared in "Renegotiate with Integrity: It's Not Business, It's Personal," apply to all renegotiations, but are particularly well-suited to those involving:

--  Real estate lease renegotiations and buyouts
--  Contract renegotiations and buyouts
--  Contract collections
--  Restructuring debt: accounts payable/accounts receivable
--  Personal Contracts
"Like most of us, I have been renegotiating my whole business career, not to mention in my personal life. Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to explore, understand and share the different skills needed to renegotiate rather than negotiate," said Marc Freeman. "When I realized that we could renegotiate with integrity, it then dawned on me that renegotiating was all about how we treated the person we were renegotiating with. Because of this I realized that 'It's Not Business, It's Personal.'"

About Marc Freeman:

Marc Freeman has worked with companies all over the world, helping them to renegotiate hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. A recognized expert in his field, he has developed a unique, practical approach to renegotiating based on the simple principles of respect, honesty, creativity and clear communications.

Contact Information: For additional information on Marc's book, or to arrange an interview with him, please contact: Jennifer Quint PR/PR 800-786-1765 Email Contact