WASHINGTON, DC and OTTAWA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 19, 2007 -- FileCatalyst from Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. offers satellite data users and providers a software-only solution offering maximum throughput for large point-to-point or multi-cast file transfer applications. In addition, FileCatalyst can be easily installed in less than 20 minutes for fast, interactive collaboration on large datasets and is specifically designed for satellite-based media, government, military and enterprise Wide Area Networks (WANs).

Previous to FileCatalyst, satellite data users and providers relied on traditional software solutions for file transfers that were severely affected by degrading network conditions. Alternatively, users deployed hardware acceleration applications requiring three to five days to physically set up and test at each end of a transmission, while offering inferior connection throughput.

"We can guarantee a FileCatalyst customer's connection throughput improvement before we even deliver the software," said Chris Bailey, Unlimi-Tech's CEO, "and it's usually a dramatic increase. FileCatalyst provides a cross-platform file transfer solution that improves bandwidth utilization and file transfer reliability to save time and money. New features of FileCatalyst that benefit the satellite market include multicast, incremental transfers and compression on the fly."

Founded in 2002, Rain Network is a Brazilian company that has created a solution for the independent cinema market by interconnecting theatres in a digital network. With offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York and London, Rain Network uses FileCatalyst to transmit films in digital format, by satellite, cable and DSL to more than 120 locations around the world.

"We tested a number of products and decided on FileCatalyst from a company and technology perspective," said Fernando Fortes, Technical Manager of Rain Network.

FileCatalyst features include:

--  Transfer data at line speed, immune to affects of RTT and packet loss
--  No additional hardware requirements or line upgrades
--  Push and Pull files or entire directories
--  Incremental transfers of file deltas
--  On the fly compression
--  Industry standard SSL for control channel, and AES for data encryption
--  Automatically detect line speed with adaptive rate control
--  User based authentication with permissions control
--  Universal Plug and Play automatically maps required UDP ports
--  Cross platform support (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX)
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With facilities in Ottawa, Canada, Unlimi-Tech Software Inc. is a world leader in making complex file transfers as easy as possible for enterprise end users. Founded in 2000, the company has more than 500 satisfied customers, including Fortune 500 satellite users, media companies, government agencies, and educational institutions. For more information, visit www.unlimi-tech.com.

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