Marel (OMX Nordic Exchange: MARL) announces the launch of a new corporate identity,  Marel Food Systems, adding momentum to its progress in becoming a leading provider of food processing technology around the world. Marel Food Systems is a unified sales and service front for its four main brands: AEW Delford, Carnitech, Marel and Scanvaegt.  

Marel has experienced robust external and internal growth and developed into a truly global enterprise. The 2006 acquisitions of AEW Delford, UK, and Scanvaegt, Denmark, were paramount in the transition and changed the face of the company, laying the foundation for the future. The resulting changes in both company structure and product portfolio are now reflected in the new corporate identity. 

Integrating into one corporate name and one policy is a step forward that makes the best use of all the companies' resources. The change is expected to create more value and deliver better service to customers, while improving interaction and economic benefits within the value-chain.

As a single source supplier, Marel Food Systems will better serve its customers and offer complete solutions to all stages of food processing. The company's internationally known brand names - AEW Delford, Carnitech, Marel, and Scanvaegt - have become a benchmark for consistent reliability and service and will continue to be marketed as such. 

The development of the new identity was in the hands of London-based brand communications group, Loewy,  and Icelandic advertising agency, Hvita Husid. Marel Food Systems was chosen to represent the corporation as the name, Marel, travels well, is short and relatively easy to pronounce, globally registered and available. The descriptive addition, Food Systems, positions the company strongly in its field and incorporates the values of the current brands.

The new logotype consists of the name Marel Food Systems in lowercase letters and an electron that stands for technology and innovation. The defining color is a dark blue that makes the vibrant electron stand out in fiery red.  All the companies of Marel Food Systems have a new logotype to match. The new logos send out a clear message: there are still four companies, a collective force with a unified corporate identity, sharing the same image and the same innovative spirit.

Marel Food Systems' vision is based on the individual strengths of the company brands AEW Delford, Carnitech, Marel and Scanvaegt.

"We are innovative in everything we do and we provide outstanding new solutions and services to the food processing industry in order to create greater value for all our stakeholders."

Marel Food Systems supplies a complete range of processing equipment to all sectors of the food processing industry. The company consists of four main segments that are complementary to each other: Marel hf in Iceland, Carnitech A/S in Denmark, AEW Delford Systems Ltd in the UK and Scanvaegt International A/S in Denmark. 

Media contact:Jesper Hjortshoej,, +45 2440 2048.