MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 12, 2007 -- Kazeon, the recognized leader in unstructured information management, today announced recent findings based on the results of its new Data Assessment Service. Working with businesses across five countries and in eight different vertical industries including financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and energy, Kazeon has compiled a behind-the-scenes look at the current state of unstructured data stored across the enterprise. According to results of the data assessment service, Kazeon found that, on average, half of all unmanaged data is stale and only one quarter of data is actually current and relevant to the organization's business. In addition, an average of 18 percent of all stored data was deemed to be duplicate information and an average 4 percent of stored data was found to be completely unrelated to business.

"We have found that, on average, businesses are only deriving real value from about 25 percent of their data," noted Tom Thimot, COO of Kazeon. "In the meantime, unconstrained storage growth is driving high operational and capital costs. That means companies are spending a great deal of time and money storing and managing information that delivers no business value to the company's bottom line."

According to a recent Gartner conference poll (1), 45% of those polled have no idea what percentage of their data has been accessed in the past 60 to 90 days. A little over 50% of those polled reported that they believe anywhere from 45% to 75% of their data had not been accessed during the past 60 to 90 days.

The Kazeon Data Assessment Program can help customers educate themselves and determine the impact on their storage budgets for archiving less-frequently used data.

With unstructured information difficult to manage and control, organizations are faced with higher storage, power, backup, and replication costs. Kazeon's Data Assessment Service, based on the award-winning IS1200-FRM, provides insight into data usage and value through the delivery of a standard set of reports across a "slice" of a customer's storage environment. This revealing baseline information enables IT to quickly understand how their storage is being utilized and provides a sound, evidence-based foundation for further actions and initiatives.

The Kazeon Data Assessment Service is a one-week program during which Kazeon consultants will utilize the IS1200-FRM to automatically gather information within a customer's environment. Kazeon consultants then embed reports into a final document that alert companies to various factors such as file duplication, frequency of access and frequency of updates to files. The service is available now at a cost of $10,000 which includes the delivery and rental of the IS1200-FRM, configuration and set up, data collection of a representative 4 TB sample of data, and the delivery of a detailed final document.

More about the IS1200-FRM

The IS1200-FRM is the first product that delivers unmatched performance and scalability for enterprise file reporting and migration within an integrated appliance. The IS1200-FRM includes dozens of pre-packaged standard reports enabling IT administrators to get started immediately to get a detailed view of their environment based on attributes such as tier, size, and age. Reports can be generated based on utilization to attribute storage consumption to different departments. Flexible reporting allows administrators to customize report results to obtain the information they need and view it in a way most appropriate for that organization.

The base IS1200-FRM system provides an economical way for IT administrators to gain visibility into the file data scattered across their enterprise networks. Administrators can dramatically reduce the amount of effort spent manually gathering information and can focus on high value activities to better plan, review utilization by users and groups, and attribute storage consumption to different departments.


The Kazeon Data Assessment Service and IS1200-FRM are available now. Please visit for additional details or contact your Kazeon sales manager.

About Kazeon

Kazeon is recognized as the industry leader in Unstructured Information Management. The Information Server product line provides the foundation for corporations to search, manage, and secure their digital assets. Through innovative data indexing, classification and search technology, Kazeon has helped hundreds of customer's worldwide drive out excessive cost, risk, and drain on productivity associated with the rapid growth of information to tackle the challenges of Legal Discovery, Compliance, and Data Privacy. In securing partnerships with Google and Network Appliance, Kazeon has quickly gained wide market acceptance for its award-winning products, as recognized by Storage Magazine, Network World, Datamation, and InfoStor. Leading global organizations like SAP, GE, Cisco, Bosch, ING Group, Phillips, Novartis, and INVESCO rely on Kazeon solutions.

Founded in 2003, Kazeon is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For additional information about Kazeon, please visit

(1) "Polling Results Show Plans to Implement Archiving to Improve Storage Management," Carolyn DiCenzo, Gartner, February 26, 2007

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