TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 21, 2007 -- Fortress Technologies, a leading provider of secure wireless networking, today announced that it teamed with Nortel Government Solutions and Kestrel Technologies to present a converged wireless communications solution for the Department of Defense (DoD) Interoperability Communications Exercise (DICE). At this annual event, the companies demonstrated a secure wireless voice and video solution for portable situational awareness applications.

Supported by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), DICE is hosted by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and focuses on assessing the degree of interoperability of a "realistic" Joint Task Force (JTF). DICE employs a real-life operational Joint architecture that provides the opportunity to rigorously test and evaluate voice, video and data interfaces, as well as emerging technologies.

"Ensuring secure, interoperable communications at home and on the battlefield is a major priority for the DoD," said Janet Kumpu, Chief Executive Officer and President of Fortress. "Operational testing environments that are created through DICE and other similar exercises provide an accurate measure of the military's ability to move forward with a true JTF. By enabling the DoD to uncover the most cutting-edge, secure communication technologies, DICE ultimately helps to increase the United States' combat effectiveness."

As part of DICE, Fortress combined its ES520 Secure Wireless Access Bridges with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies from Nortel Government Solutions and video surveillance systems from Kestrel Technologies. The solution combines high-resolution video and VoIP in a portable unit that provides a flexible architecture for tactical communications -- including point-to-point bridging, wireless access for mobile devices and enterprise mesh capabilities.

"The secure wireless solution that our team demonstrated at DICE provides the DoD and other national defense agencies the ability to quickly deploy a situational awareness solution in environments that have no existing communications infrastructure," said John Dow, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing for Fortress. "This solution will positively affect the interoperable communications requirements of the DoD. We are excited with the testing outcomes and are honored that JITC selected us as a secure communications provider for this exercise."

Fortress' ES520 provides the wireless infrastructure for mission-critical communications across fixed, portable and mobile environments -- offering immediate "on-demand" secure voice, video and data. The ES520 enables organizations to rapidly establish a high-performance wireless mesh network by combining the functions of an access point, switch, wireless bridge and security gateway in a form factor engineered specifically for harsh outdoor environments. The ES520's wireless mesh capabilities provide the ability to establish lines of communications in areas with no available infrastructure.

The objectives of this year's DICE program included:

--  Interoperability: Successfully demonstrate a high degree of
    interoperability of new versions of hardware and software employed in Joint
    transmission, switching and information systems
--  System Certification: Successfully integrate and conduct Joint
    interoperability tests on selected new systems
--  Assessments: Successfully conduct developmental assessments that may
    not conclusively qualify for a certification, but may provide valuable
    insight into possible future uses or capabilities
--  Training: Replicate Joint communications architectures and operational
    or organizational structures that allow participating units an opportunity
    to develop mission performance-oriented training
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