EDMONTON, AB and PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 23, 2007 -- Upside Software Inc. and EchoSign, Inc. announced a partnership to integrate EchoSign's web-based electronic signature service with Upside's contract management service, enabling users to reduce the overall contract lifecycle by streamlining the signing process. With the joint solution, users can sign contracts instantly, with the e-signature capability powered by EchoSign.

At IDB's "Under the Radar" Office 2.0 event held today at Microsoft Silicon Valley (Mountain View, Calif.) and at the International Association of Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) conference (April 11-13, New Orleans), EchoSign and Upside Software will be demonstrating this new integrated contract management service with web-based electronic signature capabilities.

Upside Software, the leading contract & commitment management solution globally, offers organizations the ability to streamline their entire contract lifecycle, for all types of contracts (e.g. buy, sell and non-monetary). Upside Software has about 200 customers worldwide in virtually all industries. Now, with EchoSign fully integrated with Upside, contracts can go from draft, to signed, to tracked and managed -- literally in seconds, and with a complete and fully automated audit trail.

"To help organizations meet compliance requirements and also facilitate a shorter contract life-cycle, the Upside/EchoSign solution ensures that signed contracts are captured and included in a central repository for evidentiary purposes," said Ashif Mawji, CEO of Upside Software. "As the importance of proper governance, compliance and monitoring are being recognized in companies globally, the benefits of our solution are significant -- furthermore, the need for organizations to be competitive means that a shorter contract lifecycle is highly beneficial."

The web-based EchoSign service enables users to instantly get contracts and other documents signed from any browser, anywhere, without the hassles of waiting for paperwork to make it back through the fax machines or overnight mail. EchoSign's instant e-signatures and automated fax signatures make it easy for mobile workers to close deals, approve expense reports and authorize work from the road. EchoSign's customers have on average brought their "quote-to-close" time down from a week or more to less than 45 minutes, thanks to its web-based service to finalize contracts.

According to Jason Lemkin, CEO of EchoSign, "With EchoSign fully integrated with Upside, organizations can now go from creating a contract to having it signed and archived in minutes, a huge productivity benefit from the hours or days it used to take."

About Upside Software Inc.

Upside Software is the worldwide leader in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. Customers around the globe use UpsideContract and other integrated business solutions to confidently perform Contract Management, Sourcing & Procurement, and Invoice & Billing Management activities throughout their organizations. Upside Software's products address the needs of Enterprise (e.g. Fortune 500, Global 2000), Public sector (Federal, State/Provincial, Municipal and Health Care), and Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) customers. Customers realize significant cost savings while improving customer and supplier relationships. Upside Software's solutions are deployed in as little as 3 days and typically provide a full return-on-investment (ROI) in under a year. Founded in 2000, Upside Software is a profitable, growing company with an advanced, yet mature, and comprehensive product suite. The company has extensive experience delivering real value to customers of every size and in most industry verticals. Upside Software is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- for more information visit the company's website at http://www.upsidesoft.com/

About EchoSign

EchoSign is Web 2.0 Signatures. With nothing to download, learn or install, there is simply no faster way to get your contracts signed, tracked and filed. EchoSign has won numerous Office 2.0 awards including Best of Show at Office 2.0 Conference; Judge's Choice from IBD Network/Under the Radar; and Best Start-Up Honors from Sun Microsystems' Start-up Camp. Already, thousands of businesses are using the EchoSign service, including leaders such as BT, Brooks-Eckerd, Cisco Systems, Network General, AtRoad and the University of California. More information and the web service itself are available at www.echosign.com.

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