TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 27, 2007 -- Fortress Technologies, a leading provider of secure wireless networking, today announced that its ES520 Secure Wireless Access Bridge has been awarded Wi-Fi™ Certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance. In order to earn the Wi-Fi Certification, Fortress' ES520 Secure Wireless Access Bridge was put through a rigorous interoperability testing process that ensures compatibility with products from different vendors.

"Most every market sector -- especially the military, civilian government and emergency response communities -- look to use products that are interoperable with each other in order to communicate most effectively," said John Dow, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at Fortress. "Understanding the critical nature of these organizations' missions and ensuring interoperability is paramount. Certification from an independent, third party such as the Wi-Fi Alliance is important, and we are pleased that the Fortress Secure Wireless Access Bridge passed the process."

The Fortress ES520 provides wireless infrastructure for mission-critical communications across fixed, portable and mobile environments -- offering immediate "on-demand" secure voice, video and data capabilities. The Fortress ES520 enables organizations to rapidly establish a high-performance wireless mesh network by combining the functions of an access point, switch, wireless bridge and security gateway in a form factor engineered specifically for harsh outdoor environments. These capabilities now enable government agents, officers and soldiers to establish lines of communications in areas with no available infrastructure.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global, non-profit organization with the goal of driving the adoption of a single worldwide-accepted standard for high-speed wireless local area networking. Since 2000, the Wi-Fi Alliance has worked with its members to certify more than 2,800 Wi-Fi products and have laid the foundation for rapid adoption of Wi-Fi products in homes, offices and public access locations around the world.

The Fortress ES520 is Wi-Fi Certified for the following standards:

--  IEEE Standards
        -- 802.11a
        -- 802.11b
        -- 802.11g

--  Security
        -- WPA™ - Personal
        -- WPA - Enterprise
        -- WPA2™ - Personal
        -- WPA2 - Enterprise

--  EAP Types
        -- EAP-TLS
        -- EAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2
        -- PEAPv0/EAP-MSCHAPv2
        -- PEAPv1/EAP-GTC
        -- EAP-SIM

About Fortress Technologies

Fortress Technologies designs, develops and manufactures market leading wireless infrastructure and software solutions for secure mission critical communications. Rigorously tested and proven, Fortress products provide government and commercial customers secure wireless capabilities across fixed, portable and mobile environments -- from the tactical edge to municipal networks. Fortress' versatile, interoperable and standards-based solutions enable immediate "on demand" secure voice, video and data communications virtually anywhere and across all wireless transports including Wi-Fi (802.11), WiMAX (802.16), free space optics (FSO), Military RF and satellite. Fortress products are currently deployed in some of the U.S. government's most demanding environments, supporting vital operations that range from maintaining a forward presence to border protection to emergency response.

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