GREENLAND, NH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 2, 2007 -- Great Bay Software, Inc., an innovator of Endpoint Profiling security solutions for enterprise networks, today unveiled its new Beacon Preferred Partner Program. The new program enables network security partners to address their customers' growing need for a detailed, contextual view of all network-attached endpoints -- a crucial step in the process of migrating a network to NAC or other Authentication solutions.

As part of the tiered program, Great Bay is providing its renowned Beacon Endpoint Profiler software to Gold and Platinum Preferred Partners at a significant savings. Beacon makes enterprise NAC deployment more efficient and accurate for customers of all types and sizes, across a variety of vertical markets. Other customized benefits for each level of partnership participation include:

--  Seamless, customized integration of Great Bay Software's sales and
    technical support
--  Onsite installation and technical training for partners and their
--  Participation in regional campaigns, trade shows, direct mail and
    Webcast campaigns
--  Access to Great Bay's sales and marketing training materials
--  Web-based training
The Beacon Preferred Partner Program has immediately begun demonstrating a return on investment for security solutions vendors seeking a more efficient use of time and money, as well as solving the logistical issues involved in maintaining support for a NAC Appliance environment. Currently, Force 3, Blue Spruce Technologies and U.K.-based Network Utilities have enrolled in the program, along with award-winning security solutions provider Troubadour Ltd.

"Beacon pays for itself with the first use in terms of time saved in manpower, as well as the accuracy of the results," says Jay Kirby, chief sales officer at Troubadour. "Since adding Great Bay to our portfolio of add-on services, our sales team has increased its ability to win new customers and maintain good relationships with our existing clients. The Beacon product and partner program gives us an edge over our competitors and provides our support team with the confidence that we can deliver on our promise of total network visibility."

Troubadour has leveraged the relationship with Great Bay to gain an advantage in decreasing the potential risk and cost associated with deploying and managing a NAC system. The program has enabled Troubadour's NAC implementation methodology to rapidly deploy advanced IT security systems from Cisco Systems and provides the customer with the long term benefits of efficient management and administration of the NAC system.

"Great Bay Software has already successfully introduced the Beacon Endpoint Profiler™ to the NAC market, and our goal with this partner program is to provide a sales and marketing differentiation of both value and service to our partners," says Bob Durkee, vice president of sales at Great Bay Software. "By leveraging our unique technology, partners can detect, monitor and report on all devices attached to a customer's network, which will increase their product and service sales margin when deploying a NAC solution."

About Great Bay Software

Great Bay Software, Inc., is a leading software development firm specializing in the facilitation of network-based authentication and secure network access. The company's innovative Endpoint Profiling technology provides enterprise customers with the products, services and solutions required to enable Network Admission Control and Trusted Endpoint Solutions, both of which are being rapidly introduced by many of the top security manufacturers in the world. For more information on the Beacon Endpoint Profiler, or the Beacon Preferred Partner Program from Great Bay Software, please visit or call 800.503.1715.

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