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Plymouth Rock, Mass. Motorcycle Association Team in Joint Safety Effort

Together Getting Out the Word to "Check Twice - Save a Life"

BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 4, 2007 -- Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation is joining the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) in a large, statewide initiative to promote awareness and safety of motorcycle riders.

As part of the Commonwealth's Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period designated for March 25 - April 28, 2007, the MMA has created an aggressive campaign to raise awareness of motorcycle safety issues prior to the onset of warmer weather, when motorcyclists typically take to the state's roads in much larger numbers.

The highlight of the safety campaign is the installation of over 500 large signs in more than 150 cities and towns that encourage drivers to "Check Twice" for motorcyclists, and to learn additional safety tips at Plymouth Rock's website, Plymouth Rock has donated $15,000 to fund the construction of these signs and aid in the safety program.

"Plymouth Rock is very pleased to support this initiative," said Tim Quinn, Marketing Manager at Plymouth Rock. "It certainly shows an incredible dedication by the members of the Association to the issue of safety education, and a tremendous amount of volunteer effort to put this together in a short time."

The campaign began in January after Plymouth Rock agreed to underwrite the cost of the program. MMA members sent letters to all 351 municipalities in Massachusetts asking for their support of the governor's proclamation of the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period and requesting that they post one of the Association's 2x8 foot safety signs. Volunteers framed and assembled the signs over a weekend, and delivered them to local members for installation throughout the state.

"Over the past several months, I've been personally involved in this project because I've shared the heartache of families losing a member in preventable accidents," added Paul Cote, the MMA's Director of Government Relations. "I've seen the guilt and remorse of motorists who simply didn't see the motorcyclist until it was too late. We hope this campaign will encourage drivers to actively look for motorcycles as they drive."

About the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association:

Since 1975, the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association has advocated for the interests of motorcyclists throughout the Commonwealth, and maintains a track record for being an informed, credible, capable, and influential provider of information on motorcycle issues and legislation. To learn more about motorcycle safety and training, upcoming events, and membership opportunities, please visit

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