MARSHALLTOWN, IA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 10, 2007 -- Mechdyne Corporation and Iowa State University are making final preparations for the grand opening of the most impressive virtual reality environment in the world; the 100 million pixel, six-sided C6 at the Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC). The public is invited to attend the April 26 opening as part of the Emerging Technologies Conference at the University from April 25 - 27.

The design of the new C6, developed by Mechdyne's Fakespace display division, will create the most detailed, realistic virtual imagery ever. The system's 100 million pixels is more than 16 times the resolution of typical immersive rooms and is more than double the resolution of the current world record holder, a 43 million pixel, five-sided room also installed by Mechdyne in 2005. VRAC's applications, including genetic research, engineering design reviews, virtual battlespace simulations and atomic microscope image analysis, are all expected to benefit from this new level of insight.

"The C6 is an invaluable tool for design and research projects," said James Oliver, the director of Iowa State's Virtual Reality Applications Center and a professor of mechanical engineering. "When Mechdyne demonstrated they could achieve this incredible resolution, we immediately saw the potential for significant gains in information discovery, creativity and knowledge through having more data available at one time."

The C6's six projected sides surround users, placing them inside 3D models or virtual worlds to create a sense of presence within the virtual space. Mechdyne designed the C6 using state-of-the-art Sony SXRD 4096 x 2160 resolution projectors, not only for the resolution but for the stunning picture quality and brightness that will enhance image realism.

The 96 channel graphics cluster generating the C6 imagery is the world's largest graphics cluster for virtual reality applications. Mechdyne's computing and software division, VRCO Inc., specified and configured the 48 node cluster to drive the 24 projectors in the system at their full native resolution. The cluster is located in a climate controlled environment next to the C6 and is connected via fiber optic connections.

"To meet our customers' requests for higher resolution, we have developed and refined the means to scale computing and displays to the 100 million pixels of the C6 and beyond," said Chris Clover, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mechdyne Corporation. "We are pleased to have Iowa State at the top of our list of world leading advanced visualization systems. Their work will demonstrate how resolution can improve results and generate real return on investment."

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