KARLSRUHE, GERMANY and ASHBURN, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 10, 2007 -- For the fifth consecutive year, ABAS business software achieved the best ERP score out of all competing firms in the Konradin ERP Users Study. This ERP study has been carried out annually since 1999, and has earned a well-established reputation, providing support for companies on the borderline of deciding which ERP software to go with.

THE 2007/2008 ERP STUDY

The Konradin surveys were focused on overall user satisfaction, a central control quantity for the software industry. The information was based on 1700 company interviews conducted by Förster & Thelen (an independent research institution) via email or phone. The survey was based on companies ranging from 50 to 1000 employees. The users rated their used ERP systems by means of a 1-6 grading scale (1 being excellent, 6 being insufficient). ABAS tallied a 1.86, an improvement over last year, and the best grade of the ERP systems surveyed.


ABAS CEO Peter Forscht said, "Every year we keenly await the results of the Konradin study. We were very excited that we were able to [even] further improve as market leader, and that for the fifth time we gained the first place regarding the users' satisfaction with the implemented solution. This confirms our method of cooperative software development with our partners and customers, associations and universities."

The philosophy behind the Abas Business Software is to remain open and flexible to certain company situations. The users rated the abas Business Software with a grade of 1.7 for flexibility, another record-setting score for ABAS. One client's CEO said, "With the extreme flexibility and adaptability of [ABAS'] system, it is possible for us to realize almost every idea we have on increasing our company's efficiency in the production and management area."


ABAS finished FIRST in users' ratings for Overall satisfaction, system performance, stability, openness to integration, flexibility, user friendliness, functional fit, price/performance ratio, implementation support, contact support, update support, partner performance, training, helpdesk/hotline support, industry specific knowledge, and investment ROI.

"The result spurs us on and, at the same time, is an incentive to hold the top position reached for a fifth time. At ABAS we have the duty to our users to confirm the performance and quality standard, and to expand and improve it further," said Werner Strub, CEO of the ABAS Software AG, the Konradin ERP study 2007/2008.


ABAS Software AG - Company Profile -- abas was founded in 1980 as a provider of IT solutions to the manufacturing and distribution market. Today, more than 1,900 customers have chosen ABAS as their IT specialist and for the integrated standard abas business software which has become one of the most successful ERP programs on the international market during the past years.

ABAS Software AG has established a professional partner network consisting of more than 590 IT organisational and application consultants. The ABAS sales partners tend to the customers and provide a range of support services covering implementation, hardware and network support, customization and helpdesk.

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