BOISE, ID -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 10, 2007 -- PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. (OTCBB: PCSV) today announced the results of pilot program studies implemented in various countries throughout the Middle East. Over the past four years, PCS Middle East, under the direction of Dr. Mohammed Yasser Refai, Managing Director, has deployed numerous pilot sites demonstrating components of the PCS K-14 STEM solution including early childhood, primary, intermediate, and secondary stage programs.

Regarding the pilots, Dr. Refai said, "It is with great pleasure that I publicly announce the success of these pilots. These pilots have been critical to the formation of successful contracts in the region thus far; the formation of contracts currently awarded, but not yet announced; and other contracts we are currently working on."

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, regarding the intermediate stage robotics program named "the Young Engineer" and the secondary stage robotics program known as the "Mechatronics Labs," results and observations documented noticeable improvement in student abilities to apply academic science in the fields of mathematics, science, and technology. Classroom dynamics were shifted to a "student-centered" paradigm and analytical reasoning was identified as a "main distinction" of students in the programs.

The Al-Zahrawi Secondary School noted that the "practical (hands-on) applications created an atmosphere of excitement and competitiveness between the students," and "the importance of students learning the basics of simulation programs and designing and executing engineering models have been realized." The Al-Anjal private schools submitted Middle School results to the Ministry of Education stating that students "showed a clear desire to excel and be creative, and were more responsive to any comments given to them," "raced to display their projects," and solved problems at higher speeds. Both Middle and Secondary pilots reported similar results that emphasized that students demonstrated: 1) greater ability to apply mathematics and physics to real-life contexts; 2) enhanced analytical and logical thinking, and problem solving abilities; 3) improved ability to understand phenomena of nature and physics; and 4) literacy in technology for both boys and girls.

Joe Egusquiza, International Sales Manager, said of the pilots, "Pilot programs are critical in the early stages of the sales process, especially in programs as sophisticated and complex as our PCS STEM solution. Once administrators, educators, and students see and experience our unique approach to education, our unique content, and how effective it can be, the sales process becomes much easier. The Middle Eastern education market is a fascinating business challenge, but it is a very attractive market right now because so many of these countries are anxious to reform and improve their educational systems. They are becoming very interested in new, more effective methods of education, which is our specialty. When pilot programs demonstrating these advanced methods are in place, education stakeholders literally see what the future of education can hold for their children, and they become very excited."

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