LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 12, 2007 -- Planning a new television show or season has never been simple. It's all been done before. Twice! With the endless train of television concoctions and reality subdivisions, it is difficult to come up with a single, original idea. This is why it's easy to see why Kallissa Productions has single handedly cornered the mainstream MTV market with everything from the hugely successful "Date My Mom," to the excruciatingly revealing "Exposed," not to mention the masterful move-it-over hit "Next."

Beginning a successful career at an unprecedented early age, Executive Producer Kallissa Miller has already accumulated over 15 years of solid experience. Serious about storytelling and the limitless possibilities of the new age of television, Kallissa is as genuine and passionate as she is ambitious. A modern day intellectual with a feverish pitch for the pulse, her creative capabilities are tapping the reality television landscapes and garnering a faithful following from today's exuberant youth to the gay and lesbian community at large. She's committed to NOW!

With Kallissa as the preeminent executive of the Music Television Network's staff, Kallissa Productions is continually breaking ground and remains at the forefront of popular culture. Born and bred in Los Angeles, Kallissa was already a University of Southern California graduate at the ripe age of 19, holding a Bachelor's degree from the prestigious School of Cinema-Television. Her sights were always set on TV and film.

Having already traveled the world from Everest to the Arctic Circle, the brilliantly talented, eccentrically innovative, and dangerously down to earth Kallissa is killing us with creativity. Producing some of the most recognizable and outrageous television of our time and with a host of new projects in the works, who knows what's Next for Kallissa Productions! STAY TUNED...

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