ASHBURN, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 16, 2007 -- abas-USA is pleased to announce that for the second year it has been selected by START-IT magazine, published by Specialty Publishing Co., as one of the top 125 technology providers for the manufacturers. START-IT magazine has released its annual listing of the START-IT 125. This list is made up of the most influential manufacturing technology providers.

"This year's START-IT 125 listings provide a snapshot of the industrial market and the companies with the greatest impact on its direction," says John Buell, editor-in-chief of START-IT magazine.

On this year's list, 97 companies from the 2006 START-IT 125 list made the cut again for 2007.

Since 1980, abas has provided an open, flexible ERP solution to mid market manufacturers. It has won several client satisfaction surveys for ERP packages from the Benchpark Group, the Konradin Group and Trovarit AG.

Manufacturers face challenges like never before in today's ever-changing marketplace. Innovative technology with the combination of the right partnerships is essential to the success and perseverance of global manufacturers. For this reason, START-IT strives to lend a helping hand to manufacturers pursuing technology solutions that will improve their business practices.

Companies on the START-IT 125 must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for a place in this annual listing. Some of the criteria include being a technology-driven organization; having a business that is focused on manufacturing; provides respectable business practices; company's vision and focus align with the objectives of START-IT's editorial focus; focused on educating directors, managers, vice-presidents, and chief executives; focused on the SMB market and larger.

"We are very pleased with this recognition from START-IT," said abas-USA president, Alan Salton. "We believe we have one of the smartest designed, easy to use, flexible and technologically advance packages for the mid market."

About START-IT magazine

START-IT magazine helps manufacturers take full advantage of the power of partnerships by emphasizing the importance of IT partnerships and how these partners are working together to reach their goals through the use of technology. Emphasizing the power of partnerships, START-IT is read by decision makers across all manufacturing segments as a primary source of business strategies to best take advantage of today's technologies.


ABAS Software AG -- Company Profile -- abas was founded in 1980 as a provider of IT solutions to the manufacturing and distribution market. Today, more than 1,900 customers have chosen ABAS as their IT specialist and for the integrated standard abas business software which has become one of the most successful ERP programs on the international market during the past years.

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