CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 18, 2007 -- LoggerHead Tools has simplified spring gift-giving -- the company is packaging its award-winning ImmiX™ multi-tool with personalized pop-up cards specifically for Mother's Day, Father's Day, weddings and graduations. The ImmiX™ arrives ready to give in a color-coordinated pillow box.

A One-of-a-Kind Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

The ImmiX™ replaces a chest of tools in a compact, 6-inch, 8-ounce package. It's like having 14 full-sized wrenches, 10 screwdrivers and 2 knives, without the bulk. Tucked in its black nylon carrying case, the ImmiX™ can be stowed in a pocket, drawer or glove compartment. The ImmiX™ is quality-made in the United States and guaranteed for life.

Mom's Domestic Survival Tool

If the junk drawer is becoming a tool drawer, Mom may appreciate an ImmiX™. Mom can use the ImmiX™ for serious DIY projects or for routine household tasks. It's handy in the kitchen for opening boxes and clam-shell packaging, for replacing batteries in children's toys, and for turning nuts and bolts. The Mother's Day ImmiX™ arrives in a silver pillow box, and its package opens to reveal a personalized, pop-up card of a dozen pink roses.

Dads and Gadgets: A Winning Combo

With Dad, you can't go wrong with a cool gadget. The ImmiX™ more than qualifies, having just won the prestigious 2007 iF product design award from the International Design Forum for its cutting-edge, contemporary design. Dad can use the ImmiX™ for assembling furniture and equipment, home repairs, cutting twine and opening cartons. The Father's Day ImmiX™ package features a personalized, pop-up card of ugly ties. It comes in a black pillow box.

For the New Couple or Groomsmen

The ImmiX™ is a practical and unique wedding gift that will last -- a fitting accompaniment for "'til death do us part." The ImmiX™ will come in handy right away, as the newlyweds will have numerous boxes to open and new items to assemble. The ImmiX™ is also a distinctive gift for honoring the groomsmen or the father of the bride or groom. The wedding ImmiX™ package features two card choices. The newlywed version features an image of a wedding cake; the groomsman version features the LoggerHead Tools turtle popping out of the cake with an ImmiX™. Both packages arrive in a silver pillow box.

For Graduates: A Gift that Travels

Whether heading off to college or starting a first job, any graduate could use a portable, compact set of high-quality tools. A table knife only goes so far -- and sooner or later real tools become a necessity. The ImmiX™ is a durable and useful gift that will travel with the graduate to college, to the first apartment, first house and beyond. The graduate ImmiX™ package features a personalized pop-up card of a mortar board with a real tassel, and comes in a black pillow box.

How the ImmiX™ Works

At the core of the ImmiX™ multi-tool is the patented 6-inch Bionic Wrench™ head, which automatically adjusts to fit 14 sizes of metric and standard fasteners. It entirely surrounds nuts and bolts, gripping the flat sides, so it doesn't round or strip corners like traditional wrenches. The ImmiX™ 10X model also stores 10 of the most commonly used screwdriver bits in its handles; and has two stainless-steel knife blades -- one smooth and one serrated.

The screwdriver heads fit into a magnetic bit driver at the end of the body. When the handles are closed, they form a full-function screwdriver with a pistol grip. The ImmiX™ has a nickel finish and comes with a durable, black synthetic carrying case with a leather belt loop.

Gripping Experience Becomes Gifting Experience

"Now 'a gripping experience' is 'a gifting experience,'" said LoggerHead Tools President Dan Brown. He added, "While most tools lack the excitement necessary in a gift item, the ImmiX™ has a compelling, universal design that appeals to men and women of all ages. We created this personalized gift packaging to be as engaging and fun as the ImmiX™."

Design Awards

Besides the iF product design award, the ImmiX has won the 2006 Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for its innovative product concept. The Bionic Wrench™ component of the ImmiX™ has won numerous international design awards, including the 2006 Red Dot: Best of the Best distinction for pioneering design in its category and the 2005 iF Gold award from the International Design Forum. The Bionic Wrench™ also was nominated by the German government for the prestigious German Design award and received the 2005 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice award.

Price and Availability

Gift ImmiX™ packages can be ordered for $74.95 directly through LoggerHead Tools ( and 1-888-LOGGERHEAD).

About LoggerHead Tools

LoggerHead Tools LLC designs, develops and commercializes inventive, new-to-the-world tools manufactured in the United States. The company's mission is to create problem-solving innovations that provide enhanced value to its customers.

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