Cambridgeshire -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 19, 2007 --

For Immediate Release                              19 April 2007

                                BioProgress plc
                 ("BioProgress", the "Company" or the "Group")

            Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 December 2006

London, UK, 19 April 2007: BioProgress plc (AIM: BPRG; NASDAQ: BPRG), the specialty pharmaceutical and healthcare company, is pleased to announce its preliminary results for the year ended 31 December, 2006.

Financial Highlights

  * Revenue increased by 116% to GBP9.5m (2005: GBP4.4m)
  * Gross profit increased by 200% to GBP5.4m (2005: GBP1.8m)
  * Cash reserves of GBP6.6m (2005: GBP6.5m)
    - Despite significant investment in system and product development

Operational Highlights

  * Acquisition of Dexo S.A., Segix Farma and trading assets of AirPharma
  * Successful integration of acquisitions
  * Placement of TabwrapTM at Inyx
  * Launch of new proprietary technologies
    - SolupolTM and EntWrapTM

Post Period Highlights

  * Acquisition of DMPL
  * Successful Arab Health Exhibition
  * Various in-licensing and co-promotion arrangements
  * Launch of MeltumsTM proprietary technology

Commenting on the results, Richard Trevillion, Chief Executive Officer, said:

"2006 has been an extremely successful and productive year. We have achieved operational profitability for the first time in the Company's history, significantly expanded our proprietary technologies and made several value enhancing acquisitions. The success of the past 12 months has positioned the Group well for continued growth and the ongoing growth of shareholder value."

For further information:

BioProgress Plc                          + 44 (0) 20 7098 9881
Richard Trevillion, CEO
Steve Martin, CDO
Hiral Patel, CFO

Buchanan Communications                  + 44 (0) 20 7466 5000
Rebecca Skye Dietrich
Mark Court

Chairman's Review

2006 has been an exceptional year and one of business transformation. BioProgress has become a technology enabled Specialty Pharmaceutical and Healthcare business and reclassification during the year as a healthcare company reflects this. The major acquisitions; Dexo, Segix and Airpharma's respiratory products have greatly expanded the product base and taken the group into new markets. These have been rapidly assimilated by the business to contribute to fresh organic growth and to create proof of concept opportunities for the Group's unique technologies. This in turn has stimulated a growing interest by third parties in our technological capabilities. What makes it exceptional is the small, tightly focussed, team that achieved all of this and the short time scale in which it was accomplished.

A team of seasoned professionals is now growing the business and driving it forward as members of the recently established operational board. The competencies of the main board have also been expanded with the addition of Steve Martin and Hiral Patel as executive directors and Dr Jim Murray, the co-founder of Shire Pharmaceuticals, as a non-executive director. The Group has within it, and on its advisory panels, outstanding, dedicated and committed individuals. We have a team and collegiate culture that ensures that our output is greater than the sum of its individual parts. This, in large measure, is what has enabled the business to move forward so quickly from its industrial technology past to the present dynamic and vibrant business. It is a critical capability that will take us on the next stages of our vision.

The business now has multiple revenue streams, from product sales, milestone payments and third party partner payments and contract revenues. These revenue streams are derived from classic cost reduction and price revisions of bread and butter generics through to the development of novel branded generics using our unique technologies. We have seen examples of these this year; achieved in record times from concept to market. The broad area of supportive care has been identified as one where we can use our special expertise to make life easier for patients, carers and professionals with novel medication and devices. These solutions extend across therapeutic classes. As we enter new international markets there is great opportunity to introduce products that are successful elsewhere in the group. Our business base extends across medical devices, over the counter medicines (OTC) and prescription medicines. Once again there are opportunities to develop these segments in each of our operating geographies. Last, but by no means least, is our ability to work with third parties to help them better exploit their intellectual property utilising BioProgress's proprietary technologies.

Over the next year I anticipate significant organic growth from our multiple revenue streams as we step up commercialisation. There will also be a further filling of gaps in our product families, therapeutic classes, segments and markets. We shall also begin to see a steady stream of innovative and novel products emerging from our development pipeline. This will firmly establish our proprietary development as another of the Group's key competencies as well as increasing revenue opportunity. Some early fruits from our third party collaborations are also anticipated. The Group will continue to maintain tight control over its costs relative to its expansion.

I should like to extend my special thanks to Richard Trevillion and his team who have worked incredibly hard over the last year to create the platform from which we will strive to create sustainable and substantial shareholder value during 2007.

Anthony Knight Non-Executive Chairman

Chief Executive's Review

As a preamble to my review of 2006 I and my colleagues would like to welcome Anthony (Tony) Knight to the role of non-executive Chairman and to thank Peter Ibbetson for his contribution in this role over the past 18 months. It is testament to the strength of our board that we have been able to change roles in a flexible manner maximising strengths as the Company's dynamic growth continues whilst at the same time also ensuring continuity and balance. Tony's network and experience within the pharmaceutical sector will be of great value to BioProgress as the Company increases its profile in key markets.

2006 has been a tremendous year of achievement for BioProgress. The Group has been transformed from a business operating with large amounts of committed capital expenditure and very high losses to having six commercialised systems (two of which are new developments) and 48 products distributed across its US and EU network. For the first time in the Company's history BioProgress is profitable at an adjusted operating profit level. This colossal achievement is attributed to a highly focused group of key employees whose commitment and dedication to the Company has enabled the creation of the success story BioProgress now represents. That is as an emerging specialty pharmaceutical and healthcare group. It is also worth noting for the first time in recent history the Company is litigation and partner dispute free.

I will present my report in the following sections:

   - Financial;
   - Operational; and
   - Future developments and growth drivers.


The Group's finance capability is now fully integrated across the Group's operations and led by Hiral Patel. Hiral joined BioProgress from Grant Thornton, the Company's former auditors. Hiral's tireless assistance prior to his joining made the transition of the new team quite natural for the Group and has facilitated a major acceleration of Company performance at all levels as resource has been released to focus on the rapid expansion initiatives within the Company.

Financially the results for 2006 stand out in stark contrast to previous years. Revenues were more balanced than previous financial periods being made up of product sales, some milestone and other partner payments and contract revenues.

The highlights for the year were as follows:

   - Sales of GBP9.5 million;
   - Cash reserves of GBP6.6 million;
   - Significant investment in systems, people and product development;
   - Adjusted operating profit of GBP0.1m; and
   - Adjusted profit after taxation of GBP507k.

During the year the Group expanded its portfolio of enabling systems, fast-tracked the creation of a product development programme and continued the infrastructure build up of cGMP facilities in both the UK and the US. All of these initiatives required significant investment necessary for the future growth and expansion of the Company. The developments have also required an increased yet measured growth in employee numbers across the business. Senior hires have been necessary to manage the sales and marketing infrastructure and to staff the new product development and formulation team. Support functions have also been built upon as the Company's operations have expanded. All of these functions are now integrated across the Group's infrastructure.

Cash at year end remained strong in parallel with the investment programme. This was achieved due to the robust growth of the pharmaceutical sales and marketing division and the various line extension launches achieved during the trading year.


Operationally 2006 was a transformational year. The business for the first time was managed on an integrated basis and directed by consumer focused market driven criteria. The Group's first acquisition, Dexo S.A. whose brand name now forms the international pharmaceutical sales and marketing division with operations in the UK, France, Italy and the US was the catalyst behind this change. All underlying technology development and manufacturing has been integrated within a market based approach which from a strategic perspective has been the most dramatic change within the Group. This synergistic approach enables the Company to draw on the necessary skills and intellectual property (IP) from the Group which is demonstrated by the accelerated line extension developments launched during the period. In total six new products were created in 2006 and a further four in the first quarter of 2007.

During 2006, BioProgress continued the renegotiation of key contracts commenced in 2005. The Company with its partner, FMC Magenta completed a restructuring which now better reflects the refocused NRobeTM commercialisation strategy. Of particular note in these new arrangements is a significant decrease in capital expenditure requirements and with a significant increase in the amount of total and net income received over the remaining life of the patent. In addition, BioProgress now enjoys an ongoing relationship with FMC, including the developments of products for BioProgress's Dexo division.

Although operationally the Group integrates all development from a market led perspective it is helpful to separate certain developments to highlight key successes of 2006 and drivers for the proceeding financial years.

*  Enabling systems - All of the Group's IP has undergone significant
   investment and strategic change. The fundamental theme of this change has 
   been from broad industrial platforms to enabling drug delivery systems/
   solutions (DDS). TabWrapTM for example, although elegant, was historically 
   limited in its functionality offering an alternative to gelatine coating: a 
   highly competitive market, limited predominantly to the US OTC market. The 
   redeveloped TabWrapTM system which can also be enteric coated - EntWrap - is 
   now a complete drug delivery system enabling rapid or controlled dissolution 
   and possessing added advantages of integral anti counterfeiting and tracking 
   capabilities. Rather than a cost addition, therefore, TabWrapTM is an 
   integral total product solution moving BioProgress' systems up the value 
   chain. Such is the strength of the solution BioProgress is now working with 
   multiple partners and have taken a number of such products through pre scale 
   up stability. It is expected that the first production of these enabled 
   products, the system for which is now placed with our partner Inyx (a fully 
   FDA and EU compliant manufacturing facility) will take place this year.

   The Group has not only applied this strategic focus to all historic platforms
   but used the base IP to create new DDS's. SoluPol was launched earlier in the
   year leveraging from the Group's expertise in cellulose polymers in liquid 
   form and EntWrap (novel enteric coating films) was created from developments 
   during the period. Both these have not only been applied to the Group's own 
   product development initiatives but also attracted partnerships from global
   pharmaceutical companies. It is expected that products from these 
   developments will be submitted to the regulatory authorities in 2007 in 
   parallel with the Company's continuing partnership program.

   The recurring theme of the enabling systems which is relevant to the product
   development programme is the focus on the ultimate consumer, that is the
   patient. The Company's DDS assets allow a more patient friendly 
   administration by enabling the oral intake of medicines where this had 
   previously been either problematic or impossible and ensuring compliance 
   with required dosing regimes.  These capabilities are key differentiators 
   and create solutions to the most significant issues facing the global 
   pharmaceutical industry today.

*  Product development and formulation - This has been a new creation within 
   the Group spearheaded by Steve Martin, BioProgress's Chief Development
   Officer. Market driven screening of over 1,000 products and available systems
   highlighted significant gaps in the market. This is from an available product
   perspective as well as technology inadequacies within current commercialised
   pharmaceutical manufacturing systems. The core enabling technologies combined
   with product development initiatives have demonstrated the uniqueness of our
   patented technologies in enabling specific solutions to current formulation
   difficulties. By targeting known problems and requirements within the 
   industry, BioProgress is able to achieve rapid screening methods to achieve 
   its commercial targets. The Company has in excess of 30 patent protected 
   product developments in various stages all of which carry significantly 
   reduced regulatory risk when compared with traditional drug development 
   programmes. The team use existing molecules as the base and combine the 
   unique IP and formulation expertise now within the Group. In addition, 
   BioProgress's XGELTM technology is categorised as GRAS (Generally Regarded
   As Safe), which coupled with the fact that the developments use known active 
   products, greatly reduces the time to market. A new chemical drug can take 
   between 8 and 12 years before it comes to market.  BioProgress on the other 
   hand develops products that will come to market within a time frame as short 
   as 6 months.

   The creation of this experienced team has required substantial investment 
   which has been necessary to create innovative product initiatives such as the
   nicotine replacement SoluleavesTM product, the GI SoluPol system and the 
   various CNS and pain management product programmes. BioProgress has also 
   invested in an experienced regulatory team specially skilled in shortening 
   regulatory pathways and converting prescription medicines into OTC forms. 
   We expect this to be a significant driver of value and revenues in 2007 and 
   beyond as these initiatives move into commercial marketing.

-   Partner programmes - Again the emphasis has changed in 2006 from
    licensing platforms to product arrangements. This has a number of
    implications; first the number of partner programmes has increased and
    second the Group receive not just royalties for use of film but royalties
    for material use, product sales and system applications. Importantly also
    the Group retains the rights to use its own DDS IP for its own products
    which it has the option to either partner or market in its own right. This
    flexibility will maximise shareholder value and again we anticipate will be
    a significant value driver in the future.

    A number of new developments have been completed with both existing and new
    commercial partners across the Group's range of enabling DDS suites. We 
    expect revenue from those activities to grow throughout 2007 and beyond. 
    These developments have also involved the new product development and 
    formulation group and is again coordinated by Steve Martin.

Future Developments and growth drivers

In keeping with the momentum created in 2006, 2007 has started extremely well. Organic growth has maintained its pace and partner programmes have progressed faster than anticipated.

The Group intend to maintain the levels of investment commenced in 2006 in product and system development in parallel with expanding its sales and marketing infrastructure. In particular the more rapid development of OTC products will provide a point of focus from a number of perspectives:

 -  Switching products from prescription only to branded consumer medicines
    is now a core competency of the Group and increasingly requested by partners
    seeking defence from generic alternatives to prescription only medicines.

 -  Proprietary OTC product developments which can potentially achieve rapid
    market penetration. A number of such programmes are in development and have
    created considerable interest as highly differentiated and protected
    consumer friendly products.

 -  Creation of a separate OTC sales and marketing infrastructure capability
    will become necessary as the Group expands this element and product
    development programmes reach full marketing.

The Group is continuing to adapt its core technologies to meet its partner's expectations. These technical advances will allow greater protection and commercial opportunities for a wider global pharmaceutical and healthcare customer base.

In addition to the above, a number of partner programmes are forecast to reach the marketing phase in 2007. We therefore anticipate a strong increase in both organic, partner and development revenues in the current financial year.

Post Period developments

The first quarter of 2007 has exhibited the same pace of growth as that built up during 2006. Worthy of particular note are the following:

 -  In-licensing - The Group have completed a number of in-licensing deals in
    both the OTC and ethical market sectors. This development is important in a
    number of respects; first it demonstrates the strength others see in the
    capabilities of BioProgress and second the products either complement the
    Company's own niche offerings e.g. slimming and slimming maintenance
    ('SlimThru' from Melbrosin) or add a synergistic dimension to the portfolio.
    In addition the in-licensing of OradiscTM from Uluru is complimentary to
    BioProgress's patient supportive care franchise. The product will be
    submitted for regulatory approval by mid-2007 throughout Europe, with
    revenues being generated from sublicenses in 2007 and from own product
    launches in 2008.

 -  The acquisition of DMPL - Although relatively small in terms of
    consideration, the DMPL addition is significant in adding the start of an
    OTC sales and marketing capability to the Group bringing in specialist
    distribution networks at a time when a number of product development
    programmes commenced in 2006 are reaching fruition. These will enable the
    Company to leverage its development programmes direct to the consumer

 -  New Systems - The Development Team have launched a new innovative
    technology, Meltums. Using the Group's proprietary XGELTM technology,
    Meltums is a novel melt in the mouth delivery system which allows the
    administration of larger amounts of active drug compared with our
    SoluleavesTM technology. We are able to deliver sustained release products
    from Meltums, a unique technology and one that can be applied broadly across
    many therapeutic areas, including ADHD, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.
    We expect products to be launched from this DDS in the US market during

 -  Global Marketing - The Group has continued to increase its global
    awareness campaign. Exhibiting at Arab Health in Dubai has led to the Group
    registering its products within the important Middle Eastern markets with
    expected additional revenues commencing in 2007.

I would like to end my report with a note of thanks to the individuals within the Group who have made the remarkable achievements of 2006 possible. The success of the past 18 months have positioned the Group well for continued growth and the board as a consequence view the current financial year with optimism.

Richard Trevillion Chief Executive Officer

For the year ended 31 December 2006
                                               2006       2005
                                     Notes  GBP'000    GBP'000

Restructured operations                       1,806      4,429
Acquisitions                                  7,661          -
                                             -------    -------
                                              9,467      4,429

Cost of sales                               (4,041)    (2,658)
                                             -------    -------
Gross profit                                  5,426      1,771

Sales and distribution expenses             (2,280)         -
Administrative expenses                     (6,100)   (11,655)

Operating profit/(loss) before amortisation and
depreciation, share based payments and exceptional             
items                                            89    (8,240)
Amortisation and depreciation               (1,510)    (1,245)
Share based payments                          (694)      (399)
Exceptional items relating to claims and                      
restructuring                                 (839)         -
Operating (loss)/profit
Restructured operations                     (3,941)    (9,884)
Acquisitions                                    987          -
                                             -------    -------
                                            (2,954)    (9,884)

Exceptional gain on redemption of 
  convertible bond                                -        544
Interest receivable and similar income          213        434
Interest payable and similar charges           (37)      (163)
                                             -------    -------

                                                176        815

Loss on ordinary activities before taxation (2,778)    (9,069)

Tax on loss on ordinary activities              242          -
                                             -------    -------
Loss for the financial year           3     (2,536)    (9,069)
                                             =======    =======
                                             -------    -------
Loss per ordinary share
Basic and Diluted                     2       (1.8)p     (7.5)p
                                             =======    =======


                               2006      2006       2005        2005
                     Notes  GBP'000   GBP'000    GBP'000     GBP'000
                                              (restated)  (restated)

Fixed assets
Intangible assets            26,709               13,856
Tangible assets               1,496                1,874
                             -------              -------
                                       28,205                 15,730

Current assets
Stocks                          867                  453
Debtors                       5,066                1,541
Cash at bank and in hand      6,555                6,517
                            -------              -------

                             12,488                8,511

Creditors: amounts falling            
due within one year         (3,513)              (2,003)
                            -------              -------

Net current assets                      8,975                  6,508
                                       -------                -------
Total assets less current                     
liabilities                            37,180                 22,238

Provision for liabilities and                  
charges                               (4,526)                (3,148)
                                       -------                -------
                                       32,654                 19,090
                                       =======                =======
Capital and reserves
Called up share capital        1,558                1,231
Share premium account         46,065               34,251
Profit and loss account     (20,510)             (17,709)
Other reserves                 1,317                1,317
Merger reserve                 3,173                    -
Shares to be issued            1,051                    -
                             -------              -------
                                       -------                -------
Shareholders' funds    3               32,654                 19,090
                                       =======                =======

For the year ended 31 December 2006

                                                   2006         2005
                                          Notes GBP'000      GBP'000

Net cash outflow from operating activities 4    (1,109)      (6,687)
                                               --------      -------
Returns on investments and servicing of finance
Interest received                                   213          434
Interest paid                                      (37)          (5)
                                               --------      -------
Net cash inflow from returns on investments
and servicing of finance                            176          429
                                               --------      -------

Taxation                                           (86)           -
                                               --------      -------

Capital expenditure and financial investment
Purchase of tangible fixed assets                 (157)        (269)
Sale of tangible fixed assets                        18            -
Purchase of intangible fixed assets             (2,612)            -
Sale of intangible fixed assets                     361            -
                                               --------      -------
Net cash outflow from capital expenditure
and financial investment                        (2,390)        (269)
                                               --------      -------

Acquisitions and disposals
Purchase of subsidiary undertaking              (5,366)           -
Purchase of unincorporated business             (2,332)           -
                                               --------      -------
Net cash outflow from acquisitions and 
  disposals                                     (7,698)           -
                                               --------      -------

Issue of shares                                  12,506          262
Share issue costs                                 (430)            -
Redemption of convertible bond                        -       (1,650)
Repayment of borrowings                           (906)             -
                                               --------      -------

Net cash inflow / (outflow) from financing       11,170       (1,388)
                                               --------      -------

Increase/(decrease) in cash                 5        63       (7,915)
                                               ========      =======

For the year ended 31 December 2006

                                                     2006        2005
                                                  GBP'000     GBP'000

Loss for the financial year                       (2,536)     (9,069)

Currency differences on foreign currency 
  net investments                                   (959)       (326)
                                                  -------     -------

Total recognised gains and losses for the year    (3,495)     (9,395)
Prior year adjustments                              (462)
Total gains and losses recognised since last 
financial statements                              (3,957)


For the year ended 31 December 2006

1 accounting policies

Basis of preparation

The principal accounting policies of the Group are set out in the Group's 2005 annual report and financial statements. The policies have remained unchanged from the previous annual report apart from those detailed below that have been adopted to reflect changes of accounting policies required during the course of the year to comply with new financial reporting statements.

Share Based Payments

The Group operates an equity-settled, share-based compensation plan or option scheme. The fair value of the employee services received in exchange for the grant of the options is recognised as an expense with a corresponding increase in equity. The total amount to be expensed over the vesting period is determined by reference to the fair value of the options granted at the grant date. Non-market based vesting conditions are not included in the calculation of the fair value of the options, but are taken into account each year when calculating the number of options likely to be exercised. At each balance sheet date, the entity revises its estimates of the number of options that are expected to become exercisable. It recognises the impact of the revision of original estimates, if any, in the profit and loss account, with a corresponding adjustment to equity. The proceeds received net of any directly attributable transaction costs are credited to share capital (nominal value) and share premium when the options are exercised.

Previously share based payments were valued at the difference between the market price of the company's shares on the date of grant and the exercise price. This value was recognised in the profit and loss account over the vesting period.

The impact of this change in accounting policy has been to charge the profit and loss account for 2006 with GBP694,000 (2005: GBP399,000).


                                                   2006           2005
                                                GBP'000        GBP'000

Basic loss per share
Net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders  (2,536)        (9,069)
                                                =======         ======

                                                   2006           2005
                                                 Number         Number
                                              Thousands      Thousands

Weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue
during the period                               143,531        121,001
                                                =======         ======

Basic loss per share                               (1.8)p         (7.5)p
                                                =======         ======

The share options and warrants in issue are anti-dilutive and therefore the basic loss per share and diluted loss per share are the same.


The group                                           2006          2005
                                                 GBP'000       GBP'000

Loss for the year                                (2,536)       (9,069)
Issue of shares                                   15,314         2,000
Shares to be issued                                1,051             -
Share options charge during the year                 694           399
Exchange differences                               (959)         (326)
                                                 -------       -------
Net increase/(decrease) in shareholders' funds    13,564        (6,996)
Shareholders' funds at 1 January 2006 
  (as restated)                                   19,090        26,086
                                                 -------       -------
Shareholders' funds at 31 December 2006           32,654        19,090
                                                 =======       =======


                                                    2006          2005
                                                 GBP'000       GBP'000

Operating loss                                   (2,954)       (9,884)
Depreciation and amortisation                      1,761         1,245
Decrease in stocks                                   450         1,351
(Increase)/decrease in debtors                   (1,343)          660
Increase/(decrease) in creditors and provisions      314          (808)
Non cash share issue                                   -           350
Share based payments                                 694           399
Exchange rate movements                             (31)             -
                                                 -------       -------
Net cash outflow from operating activities       (1,109)       (6,687)
                                                 -------       -------

                                                    2006       2005
                                                 GBP'000    GBP'000

Increase/(decrease) in cash in the period             63    (7,915)
Cash outflow from financing                          906      1,650
Loans acquired from acquisition of 
  subsidiary undertakings                          (962)          -
Non-cash redemption of debt                            -      3,067
Foreign exchange                                    (84)       (15)
                                                  ------     ------
Net movement in funds                               (77)    (3,213)
Net funds at 1 January 2006                        6,517      9,730
                                                  ------     ------
Net funds at 31 December 2006                      6,440      6,517
                                                  ======     ======


                  At 1 Jan              Acquisition   Foreign  At 31 Dec
                      2006  Cash flow of subsidiary  exchange       2006
                   GBP'000    GBP'000       GBP'000   GBP'000    GBP'000

Cash at bank and in 
  hand               6,517        122             -       (84)     6,555
Overdrafts               -        (59)            -         -        (59)
                   -------    -------       -------   -------    -------
                     6,517         63             -       (84)     6,496
Debt                     -        906          (962)        -        (56)
                   -------    -------       -------   -------    -------
                     6,517        969          (962)      (84)     6,440
                   =======    =======       =======   =======    =======


Acquisition of Diffusion Medicale et Paramedicale Laruelle SARL

On 5 March 2007, the Group acquired the entire share capital of Diffusion Medicale et Paramedicale Laruelle SARL, a private 'Over-the-counter' sales and marketing company through its Paris based pharmaceutical division, Dexo BioPharm France SAS. The acquisition value of GBP251,842 (EUR376,000) has been satisfied in cash.

8 Publication of non-statutory accounts

The financial information set out above does not constitute the company's statutory accounts for the years ended 31 December 2006 or 2005 but is derived from those accounts. Statutory accounts for 2005 have been delivered to the Registrar of Companies, and those for 2006 will be delivered in due course. The auditors have reported on those accounts; their reports were unqualified and did not contain statements under section 237(2) or (3) of the Companies Act 1985.

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