SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 25, 2007 -- NKK Switches announces the release of its latest electromechanical Switch Guide. The 13th edition of the switch catalog features a number of new product options and easy-to-use organizational structure for NKK's more than 90 switch families.

The new Switch Guide's organizational structure includes NKK's switch families with 3-D cutaways, detailed specifications, and easy to follow ordering examples that aid designers in specifying the proper switch for their application. Available free by request, the 850-page guide has clearly identified four-color sections organized by actuator type, which simplifies the process of choosing the right switch. The actuator sections include: toggle, rocker, pushbutton, slide, tactile, surface mount, rotary, keylock, tilt and illuminated switches and many more.

The 13th edition switch catalog features new product options including switches in the WR, KP and DSA series. The WR series is now available with .250" quick connect terminals. The new KP02 model of audio/video pushbuttons actuates with a shorter stroke and offers silent or audible tactile actuation as well as non-tactile actuation. Additionally, the new DSA tilt/sensor switch adds increased sensitivity to small angle changes. The DSA switch is designed to open/close when the device is tilted more than +/-10° of the horizontal.

A leading designer and producer of electromechanical switches, NKK Switches offers one of the industry's most extensive selections of illuminated, process sealed, miniature, specialty and surface mount switches. The company manufactures more than four million toggle, rocker, pushbutton, slide, rotary and DIP rotary, keypad and keylock switches. NKK Switches maintains a complete network of qualified representatives and distributors through the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

NKK Switches is keenly aware of the myriad of issues that are covered under the RoHS directive. With more than 50 years of experience in the switch industry and as an environmentally conscious company, NKK is committed to not only providing high quality products and services, but also providing environmentally safe products for its valued customers. NKK continues to lead the industry in responding to the needs of the marketplace with innovation, high reliability and a commitment to excellence.

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