NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 25, 2007 -- Green marketing and pr veteran eFlicks Media launches Earth Advertising today to meet the growing demands of the group's largest key client: the planet.

Earth Advertising is a cooperative of top talent and pioneers in the media industry united to support businesses in clean technology, new energy, progressive transportation, sustainable agriculture, socially responsible investment, non-toxic detergents and health safe products. The group's unique multi-platform media mechanisms also create interactive public outreach campaigns that help solve the greatest environmental issues of our time, including waste management and peak demands for energy in New York City.

"It was time for us to ramp up and create a much more powerful voice in the media for green technologies and public outreach," says founder Martha Shaw.

Earth Advertising is a creative public relations and media content outlet for environmentally responsible goods and services. Today, these compete for space in a culture largely dominated by the promotion of products and habits that can to be harmful to the health of people and the planet.

"Advertising dollars don't just control which products get space on retail shelves and in the media," says Shaw who has worked at the pulse of the ad business for nearly two decades. "They are the currency that buys sells and trades public mindshare in the private interest of companies and shareholders. Often there is little regard for social consequences. Earth Advertising is motivated to reshape the way the world consumes. The science and technology exist and I believe that people have the goodwill. What's missing is engaging messages and signage in the form of new media, and interesting incentives."

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