COLUMBUS, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 26, 2007 -- What happens when consumers create their own survey? BIGresearch found out with their second annual Voice of the People Survey and it appears many are in need of a good night's sleep as only 24.2% said they get their required eight hours or more a night. A higher percentage of women said they got eight or more hours of sleep a night than did men (25.6% vs. 22.8%). People over the age of 55 had the highest percentage (27.7%) of those who got eight or more hours of sleep, while 35-54 year olds were the most sleep-deprived.

All of the questions in the survey were submitted by Respondents from BIGresearch's monthly Consumer Intentions & Actions (CIA) Survey Panel. "The Voice of the People Survey is designed to be a fun survey that allows respondents to conceive questions that may be of interest to them or simply something light that they want to gauge how others may answer," said Gary Drenik, President & CEO of BIGresearch.

Some of the other questions asked include:

Do you believe the Government has alien technology that can be used to
reduce our dependence on foreign oil?
Yes                     30.2%
No                      35.4%
I don't know            34.4%

When you retire, what will go first?
You                     36.0%
Your money              64.0%

Do you feel people like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are
corrupting the morals of today's youth?
Not at all              2.7%
Not really              13.4%
Undecided               9.1%
Somewhat                33.3%
Very much               41.5%

Is there too much technology in your life?
Yes                     13.4%
No                      54.4%
Just right              32.2%
When asked the write-in question, "Which national TV news anchor is the most biased?" Katie Couric took the top spot with 7% saying she's the most biased. Fox News was cited as the most biased national news network with 39.6% saying so.

To view the complete Voice of the People report and other BIGresearch samples, go to: and click on Complimentary Top Line Findings.

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BIGresearch is a market intelligence firm providing analysis of consumer behavior in areas of retail, financial services, automotive, and media. They conduct the annual Voice of the People Survey which allows respondents from their Consumer Intentions & Actions (CIA) Survey Panel to submit questions for answers they want to know. These questions are reviewed and the most interesting and popular questions are used in the survey. Over 2,000 respondents participated in this year's Voice of the People Survey.

BIGresearch's methodology provides the most accurate consumer information in the industry with a margin of error of +/- 1 percent.

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