BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2007 -- Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Bio-IT World magazine today announced that products from four bio-IT companies were named Best of Show Awards winners at a ceremony held last night at the World Trade Center in Boston during the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo: The winning products included Ingenuity Pathways Analysis 5.0 from Ingenuity Systems; Isilon IQ with OneFS 4.5 from Isilon Systems; CERF v 2.6 from Recentris and Adaptive Trials Simulation Toolkit v 1.0 from Tessella.

Judged by a team of Bio-IT World magazine editors and highly regarded industry experts, Best of Show Awards recognize new products which demonstrate exceptional technology innovations across the life sciences research, discovery and clinical trials process.

One company was selected within four technology categories. The following winners were selected among 12 finalists, based on the products' technical merit, functionality and innovation, and in-person presentations to the judges at the show.

Life Science Software & Informatics

-- Ingenuity Systems; Ingenuity Pathways Analysis 5.0

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) is a software application that enables researchers to analyze and understand the complex biological and chemical systems at the core of life science research. IPA's recent enhancements significantly decrease the time from data generation to biological insight by providing powerful new capabilities to address emerging industry needs. IPA-Tox™ overcomes the data interpretation hurdle to deliver a focused toxicity assessment of your candidate compounds, and IPA-Biomarker™ uses filters to identify the most promising biomarker candidates and reveals the underlying mechanistic connection between biomarkers and disease. These capabilities integrate smoothly with IPA's core analysis capabilities, which identify the pathways, regulatory networks, and biological processes most perturbed in your dataset.

IPA's extensive knowledge base lets you search and explore information on genes, chemicals, drugs, processes, and diseases. IPA 5.0 lets you find and visualize the interactions between these components and build custom pathways and gene lists for subsequent analysis. You can also use dynamic pathways to understand how novel discoveries or recent findings are relevant to well-established pathways. IPA 5.0 features the largest knowledge base of its kind with the most descriptive structure, the highest degree of accuracy, and the largest number of literature findings.

IPA allows you to easily communicate and collaborate with your colleagues. IPA 5.0 lets you create and share high-quality interactive pathways which provide access to underlying biological information, invite colleagues to quickly review and understand your results using our new analysis summaries, and easily integrate IPA 5.0 with in-house or 3rd party software.

IT Infrastructure

-- Isilon Systems; Isilon IQ with OneFS 4.5

Isilon IQ delivers the industry's first single file system that unifies and provides instant and ubiquitous access to the rapidly growing stores of digital content and unstructured data, eliminating the cost and complexity barriers of traditional storage architectures. OneFS 4.5 is a unified operating system software layer that powers all of Isilon's award-winning IQ family of clustered storage systems including the Isilon IQ 1920, 3000, 6000, Accelerator, and EX 6000.

With the release of its OneFS 4.5 operating system software, Isilon ushers a number of innovations into the storage market, including the industry's first clustered storage system to deliver one Petabyte of capacity and 10 Gigabytes per second of performance in a single file system and single volume. Additionally, OneFS 4.5 includes the new state-of-the-art FlexProtect-AP, featuring the storage industry's first implementation of N+3 and N+4 data protection, enables customers to withstand the loss of three or four simultaneous disks or nodes within very large clusters while maintaining 100 percent availability of all data.

Notebooks & LIMS

-- Recentris; CERF v 2.6

Rescentris' Collaborative Electronic Research Framework™ (CERF) is a secure, 21CFR11-compliant enterprise scientific information system designed specifically for managing and sharing information in life sciences research organizations. CERF combines a full-featured electronic lab notebook (ELN) with scientific content management, an extensible knowledge and data integration framework, and a science-driven informatics platform. Its intuitive cross-platform desktop interface allows scientists to organize and unify access to personal and shared content (e.g., documents, spreadsheets, scientific data, reports), applications, and databases. The CERF server provides central management of data storage, system functions (i.e., security, business policies, administration, workflow), organization of projects and experiments, content, annotations, and rich metadata, as well as recordkeeping functions such as a PDF print engine and digital signatures.

Rescentris has focused on delivering its CERF ELN and scientific content management solution to biologists. In addition to being first to market with an ELN for Biology, CERF is the only ELN system built not on legacy code but rather on the next generation internet technology called 'semantic web,' which brings inherent intelligence to R&D information and future-proofs information assets. CERF enables R&D organizations to create, organize, share, and exploit their knowledge assets. CERF provides a unified desktop for knowledge workers and delivers R&D performance improvements for multiple stakeholders throughout diverse life sciences organizations. Rescentris CERF is used today by hundreds of researchers worldwide to manage their research projects on a daily basis. CERF customers today include biopharma companies, academic and clinical research institutions, and government laboratories.

eClinical Technology

-- Tessella: Adaptive Trials Simulation Toolkit v 1.0

The Tessella 'Adaptive Trials Simulation Toolkit' will contain a range of adaptive clinical trial models for simulating different adaptive methods from phase 1 through to phase 3. The first release includes a Bayesian model for phase 2 trials called 'NDLM dose finder.' and a 'Seamless Phase 2/3 Simulator.'

The toolkit is currently implemented as a desktop application with a GUI component and separate computational models. The GUI allows the user to easily set up the specification for their trial, choose their design options and specify the different scenarios over which the design should be simulated. Having then run the simulations the GUI displays graphs and charts of the summary data so the expected operating characteristics of the design can be studied. The GUI currently runs under Microsoft Windows.

The current implementation runs the simulations on the same hardware that is running the GUI, but having the models implemented separately and as simple command line applications means they are highly portable. We expect future versions of the toolkit to allow the simulations to be run on alternate hardware such as a centrally provided computing resource.

Best of Show Awards

Best of Show Award winners received honorary signage, an awards logo, and an engraved award. They also will be featured on the Bio-IT World website with additional coverage in an upcoming issue of the magazine. For complete coverage of the awards visit

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