GREENLAND, NH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 14, 2007 -- Great Bay Software, an innovator of NAC-enabled Endpoint Profiling security solutions for enterprise networks, has partnered with Troubadour Ltd. to assist its clients in the discovery and preparation process of deploying Cisco's NAC Appliance. Great Bay's flagship software product, Beacon Endpoint Profiler™, empowers NAC Appliance solution providers to ensure a speedier, more accurate transition by providing a real-time, contextual inventory of all appliances and ports, including non-Windows and non-NAC EAP devices.

"Having an accurate roadmap of every port's configuration on the customer's network is one of the key predecessors to a successful NAC Appliance deployment," explained Jay Kirby, chief sales officer for Troubadour Ltd., an award-winning Cisco partner. "A contextual, real-time inventory of every device, including non-Windows, non-NAC devices such as printers, IP phones and medical imaging devices, is a vital tool we need to manage our customers' network security deployment -- not only for initial discovery prior to a NAC installation, but also in the ongoing management of the network. With Beacon, we have the system to make that a reality for our customers."

Troubadour is already realizing the benefits of partnering with Great Bay. Baylor College of Medicine, a Troubadour client based in Houston, Texas, has relied on Beacon during its endpoint discovery phase of NAC deployment. "Prior to Beacon, we spent a lot of time searching for the location and configuration of network devices," said Eric Johnson, IT project manager for Baylor College of Medicine. Johnson said that Beacon Endpoint Profiler has already demonstrated return-on-investment benefits that extend beyond endpoint discovery in relation to NAC. "Since pointing Beacon at our network, which consists of thousands of endpoint devices, we can instantly find any IP or MAC address on the network from a switch or port location. What once took us 20 minutes per device now takes about 20 seconds."

By becoming a Great Bay Preferred Partner, Troubadour now retains a competitive edge by having the power to provide a secure, scalable IT system that can change with today's ever-evolving network topology, while maintaining a high level of network security. "We are pleased to play a role in Troubadour's NAC Appliance deployment at Baylor College of Medicine," said Bob Durkee, vice president of sales and marketing at Great Bay Software. "Our deliverable in this project -- both to Troubadour, our partner, and to Baylor College, their client -- was to ensure that the costs associated with deploying NAC Appliance never came close to outweighing the benefits of deploying and managing the authenticated network."

About Great Bay Software

Great Bay Software, Inc. is a leading software development firm specializing in the facilitation of network-based authentication and secure network access. The company's innovative Endpoint Profiling technology provides enterprise customers with the products, services and solutions required to enable 802.1X, Network Admission Control and Trusted Endpoint Solutions, both of which are being rapidly introduced by many of the top security manufacturers in the world. For more information on the Beacon System from Great Bay Software, please visit or call 800.503.1715.

About Troubadour Ltd.

Troubadour Ltd. provides organizations with the tools and expertise to safeguard critical information and streamline operations. The Houston, Texas-based firm has developed a reputation as one of the best Cisco security experts. Troubadour was awarded Cisco's prestigious Security Partner of the Year for 2005 and 2006. Troubadour specializes in the design, implementation and support of firewall management, attack and intrusion Prevention, Internet use protection, VPN, Network Admission Control (NAC) and security management.

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