LAFAYETTE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 21, 2007 -- Advisor Software, Inc., a leading provider of wealth management solutions for the advice market, today unveiled the latest version of its ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution(SM), which enables financial services enterprises to streamline portfolio rebalancing. This new release delivers a competitive advantage for financial services companies, further automating time-intensive rebalancing processes and boosting advisor efficiency.

"Advisor Software is committed to providing solutions that help financial services institutions and their advisors more effectively address investors' requirements and stay on top of ever-changing market conditions," said Andrew Rudd, CEO and founder of Advisor Software, Inc. "The new release of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution reflects this commitment, eliminating manual rebalancing tasks for advisors of financial services organizations that want to better focus on their core competencies."

About the Enhanced Version of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution

The new version of ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution, licensed by financial services organizations, allows advisors to rebalance more than 100 accounts simultaneously. The application is configured around the way each advisor operates his or her business. The advisor can isolate certain components of each account for rebalancing instead of having to rebalance an entire account. In addition, accounts that are associated with specific models can be kept within accepted tolerance bands set by the advisor. As a result, the solution allows advisors to minimize transactions including trading activities. Key features of the enhanced application include:

Cash Buffers allow advisors to create a cash buffer, a global constraint used during rebalancing, as either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the portfolio value. Using cash buffers, advisors can ensure that the account meets cash buffer constraints, resulting in a cash buffer account balance that can be used to meet future client liquidity needs.

Locking Enhancements allow advisors to exclude securities from rebalancing at the individual account level. The locked items remain in the household and are included in diagnostic reports and the final proposal. Using this feature, advisors can also exclude a certain list of securities from rebalancing.

Tolerance Bands on model portfolios enable advisors to identify when accounts drift away from the securities-based model. They can isolate the rebalancing process to just the securities that have drifted beyond advisor-set bands. Advisors can set standard tolerance bands to all the securities in a model or individually apply bands to each security. These bands minimize the number of transactions and swings within the portfolio as well as automate the process of evaluating trades for execution.

"We've enhanced the ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution with the goal of enabling financial services institutions and advisors to work smarter, improve the advisor-led decision making process and, ultimately, deliver more strategic investment recommendations," said Neal Ringquist, president and chief operating officer. "This latest release of the application reinforces Advisor Software's mission to provide intelligent solutions that empower financial services firms to maximize client relationships and improve profitability."

More About ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution

Leveraging Advisor Software's institutional-caliber analytics, ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution gives financial services enterprises a number of capabilities for automating the rebalancing process. This empowers advisors to quickly and easily rebalance client portfolios to an asset allocation or model portfolio target. ASI Portfolio Rebalancing Solution includes the following features:

--  Single Account Rebalancing lets advisors rebalance a single client
    account and generate the corresponding trade list to implement
--  Multiple Account Rebalancing enables the concurrent rebalancing of
    multiple client accounts to the same model portfolio and the ability to
    generate the corresponding master trade list.
--  Household Rebalancing allows advisors to rebalance one or more
    accounts from the same household to an asset allocation or model portfolio
--  Advisor Customization allows advisors to configure the application to
    reflect an advisor's existing practice by creating and saving asset
    allocation targets and model portfolios.
--  Wide Investment Product Coverage allows advisors to rebalance accounts
    with multiple securities types in a single application.  Advisor Software's
    broad investment product coverage includes: mutual funds, stocks, bonds,
    exchange traded funds, separately managed accounts, and variable annuity
--  Integration Capabilities allow full-integration with existing
    portfolio management systems.
About Advisor Software, Inc.

Advisor Software, Inc. is a leading provider of wealth management solutions for the advice market. The company is an industry pioneer, having introduced the first stand-alone enterprise rebalancing solution. In addition, Advisor Software has pioneered the first complete wealth management platform that combines institutional-caliber analytics and a unique, balance sheet approach to financial planning. Advisor Software's applications are designed for a wide range of asset management firms, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, online brokerages, and other financial institutions, enabling these institutions and their advisors to deliver more insightful, actionable investment advice and build stronger, more profitable client relationships. For more information, visit or call (925) 299-7782.

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