NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 30, 2007) - Alan B. Katz, an attorney and writer from Melville, NY is announcing the publication of his compelling book, "Fighting Back: Letters from the Diaspora (What the Media Aren't Telling You About the Middle East Conflict)" (AuthorHouse, 2007). In his book, Katz champions Israel's right to defend itself from aggression and sets the record straight regarding the media's portrayal of Israel and the Jewish state's conflict with the Palestinians. For twenty-five years, Katz has documented and rebutted the media's coverage of Israel in a series of letters he sent to newspapers and other media throughout the world. His rejoinder to such publications as the New York Times and Reuters began with a short essay on the right of self-defense and soon evolved into a letter-writing campaign.

According to Katz, with no desire to seek a public relations victory, the Israelis have let nature take its course. During the Second Lebanon War, an Israeli cabinet minister casually opined that she was not supposed to be Israel's cheerleader to the international body politic. The Palestinians, of course, know better. In fact, Mohammed Irman, Hamas' leading architect of terror and perhaps its most vicious and unrepentant murderer, currently serving 35 life sentences in an Israeli jail, stated, "The media department of our military wing has an important role because more than half of the war these days is a media war." The Palestinians have successfully manipulated the media with hyperbole, misinformation and outright lies that are rarely challenged. "And that," says Katz, "is why this book is so important."

Katz defends the Israeli cause by revealing its side of the story. He takes on the "frequent misinformation and biased reporting against Israel and its people in a time of crisis," as Katz explains. "Israelis are not the monsters that journalists have made them out to be. They are a compassionate, fair and law-abiding nation that has faced far more pain and desolation than the world has been led to believe," he continues.

In "Fighting Back," Katz passionately humanizes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to show the sacrifices, pain, and courage of the Israelis, exposes the hypocrisy of the media and the true nature of the Palestinians. He delves into the heart of the Middle East conflict and reveals a deeply human element to the images the world often views on television. "Fighting Back" is a timely contribution to the events happening in the Middle East today and brings a perspective that is often lacking in the current debate.

This is one man's compelling and persuasive defense of Israel in the face of extreme adversity and an onslaught of media misinformation. According to Katz, "The purpose of my letters is to humanize the Israelis and to set the record straight. I challenge my readers to question the media's portrayal of Israel and its fight to secure its historical and sacred lands and the safety of its people." For information, see

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