MONROE, CT--(Marketwire - May 30, 2007) - Ewire -- Combustion Components Associates (CCA), a global provider of air pollution control technologies for the power generation and transportation industry announced today that it has signed a license agreement with Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDT) for control of nitrogen oxides from diesel engines. Under the license agreement, CCA has secured non-exclusive rights to patents held by CDT in Europe and North America for new mobile diesel engines for on-road and non-road applications, and enables CCA to grant sublicenses to Tier 1, OE and exhaust system suppliers who can now take advantage of this combined portfolio of technologies. More specifically, CCA's license and its sublicensing rights include CDT's ARIS™ method of single-fluid return-flow cooled urea injection for SCR control, as well as patents covering hydrocarbon reagents and the combination of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) with SCR. CCA and CDT have also signed a term sheet for a separate license for Japan and China. CCA already holds licenses from CDT for use in mobile retrofit and non-vehicular applications in North America such as stationary power generation, rail and marine engines.

Making the announcement, CCA President R. Gifford Broderick stated, "CCA's patent applied for and proprietary injector design, control software and injection system along with CDT's intellectual property will enable us to provide an integrated and cost-effective approach for urea and hydrocarbon-based after-treatment for a range of applications. The co-operation between the two companies will enable qualified Tier 1 suppliers, OEMs and other end-users access to the combined CCA and CDT technologies under a single license agreement from CCA. This will help our customers meet stringent global diesel standards that are rapidly being enforced on diesel engines. The success we are having in the retrofit and stationary applications is now being carried over to new mobile diesel vehicles."

The patent applied for CCA ELIM-NOx™ system is being used on over 200 commercial applications across a wide range and class of engines manufactured worldwide. These include passenger cars, on-road and non-road medium and heavy duty engines and large stationary power generation equipment. The unique advantage of CCA's ELIM-NOx™ injector is that it does not require air for atomization, operates at low pressure and can handle both urea and hydrocarbon reagents. Furthermore, the CCA injector is designed to deliver ultra fine droplets of either urea or hydrocarbon. Therefore, it can be used in a broad range of after-treatment systems such as diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration systems, urea SCR systems, hydrocarbon-based lean NOx traps and lean NOx catalysts. A wide range of injection rates are also possible with the CCA injector design; allowing the same injector with a minor tip modification to be used on a wide variety of applications from light duty passenger diesel vehicles to large locomotives.

OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers interested in licensing opportunities or commercial applications should contact Jim Valentine, at 203.268.3139.

About CCA

CCA develops, manufactures and markets air pollution control technologies for the power generation and transportation industry. For over twenty-five years, CCA has been an industry leader in the design, development, testing and manufacture of high efficiency, low emission combustion systems for boilers and diesel engines. CCA has over 300 customers in the areas of power and automotive applications.

The CCA ELIM-NOx™ system is a proprietary CCA product. The ELIM-NOx™ system is the result of several years of research and development using CCA's combustion and atomization expertise. The ELIM-NOx™ system is designed to reduce NOx emissions by 70% - 90% from a wide range and class of on-road and non-road road vehicles and can handle both urea and hydrocarbon reagents. The CCA ELIM-NOx™ system does not require air for atomization and operates at low pressure and is designed for cost-effectiveness, performance efficiencies, fuel economy and simplified controls. The system has a unique and patented 'self-learn' programming and validation capability. The ELIM-NOx™ system is undergoing EPA ETV verification for retrofit applications for on-road and non-road vehicles. For more information, please visit CCA at

ARIS™ is a trademark of Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

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