SURFSIDE, FL--(Marketwire - June 1, 2007) - SmartMetric, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SMME) announces that it has shipped its Biometric Card to Australia for evaluation.

The President of SmartMetric, Mr. Colin Hendrick, speaking from the company's offices in Surfside, Florida, said that the company has released its card for evaluation and testing in Australia. The company has received approaches from a number of financial institutions in Australia who have expressed interest in the Biometric SmartMetric card as a defense against identity theft and online fraud.

The use of the Biometric SmartMetric Card enables the online shopper to buy online without having to type his or her private information into the computer. Since a person's credit card number and billing address are not typed in but rather sent directly from the Biometric SmartMetric Card, hackers and identity thieves will not be able to steal the information as before when users typed in their information over the computer.

Encrypted and stored inside the credit card-sized Biometric SmartMetric Card, the online shopper's information is now protected by state-of-the-art encryption that can only be unlocked by the user's own fingerprint. By simply touching the surface of the card a powerful nano computer scans the user's fingerprint and matches it against the fingerprint pre-stored inside the card. If it's the person who owns the card, then and only then will the information be sent to an online site directly from the card.

You are the key and only you can unlock your information. Online shoppers now have state-of-the-art Biometric technology to defend themselves against identity thieves and fraudulent card users.

Built into the credit card-sized card is the world's only credit card-sized fingerprint reader powered by an ARM 9 processor and long life rechargeable battery. The Biometric SmartMetric card will work just as well at the check out, ATM machine or the user's home computer. The company has spent more then 8 years in research and development to bring to market its Biometric Card.

For more information concerning this press release please contact the company President & CEO. Mr. Colin Hendrick, Office: 786.623.5690 - Direct: 917.587.5856 -, or V.P. Sales & Marketing Southeast Asia, Mr. Peter Sleep - +61.(0)43.855.2661 -

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Contact Information: For more information concerning this press release please contact: Mr. Colin Hendrick President & CEO Office: 786.623.5690 Direct: 917.587.5856 Email Contact V.P. Sales & Marketing Southeast Asia Mr. Peter Sleep +61.(0)43.855.2661