MARSHALLTOWN, IA--(Marketwire - June 4, 2007) - Mechdyne Corporation, a leading provider of immersive visualization systems, software and services, today announced that its Conduit Software module enables real-time, virtual reality capabilities with native Pro/ENGINEER. Using Conduit, Pro/ENGINEER users can view and interact with 3D models in stereoscopic viewing modes on large-scale viewing systems, such as PowerWall™ displays and walk-in immersive rooms.

With advanced visualization capabilities enabled by Conduit, designers using Pro/ENGINEER can move beyond the limits of desktop tools to better meet demands for improved product designs in shorter timeframes. Design review meetings that use high resolution, virtual prototypes in 1:1 scale provide insights into products that desktop scale does not allow. Immersive display systems, such as the CAVE®, allow designers to step inside full size digital mock-ups for improved insight.

Conduit, developed by the VRCO software division of Mechdyne, allows Pro/ENGINEER to drive immersive display environments directly, and also provides real-time interaction and manipulation of the data, a distinct advantage over VR viewer software. To provide the multiple graphics outputs needed by large-scale visualization systems, the Conduit software duplicates the flow of three dimensional (3D) commands from the application to feed data to a multi-GPU (graphics processing unit) machine or to a cluster of computers. For more natural interaction, Conduit enables Pro/ENGINEER users to experience advanced features such as viewer motion tracking. Navigation and manipulation of data can be done with wireless virtual wands and gloves. Dedicated VR viewer applications do not allow this capability since they require time-intensive exporting of design data to a format compatible with the viewer. Since only snapshots of designs can be viewed, changes must be made back at the desktop, ported again and reviewed again; a process that can cycle repeatedly. Exporting to a viewer can also result in data integrity loss or compromises in image quality, potentially affecting the quality of collaboration and decision making.

"We are pleased to be part of the PTC Partner Advantage Program™ and to make Conduit available as a means of expanding the 3D viewing and interaction capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER," said Julien Berta, Product Manager for VRCO. "With Conduit, Pro/ENGINEER users can now move easily from the desktop to advanced displays with intuitive input tools that will improve insight. Faster, better designs and decisions are imperative since they have a direct impact on a company's competitive advantage."

Available today from Mechdyne, Conduit can be integrated into existing compute and visualization environments. Mechdyne can also design and provide complete, turnkey visualization solutions and provide training to meet specific requirements.

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