ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwire - June 5, 2007) - Kathy Wilson-Duprey, founder and CEO of Life Leadership Unlimited, gives power to women all over the country, innovatively encouraging them to overcome their fears and take command of their lives.

By definition, the word "empower" means to invest with power, to equip or supply with an ability. This is precisely what Kathy Wilson's Life Leadership Unlimited has and continues to successfully do for professional women. By unleashing the metaphorical lioness within, LLU has allowed literally thousands to discover their truest selves -- free of fear, uncertainty and the lack of confidence that ultimately limits possibility. Through coaching, speaking and a variety of events, Life Leadership Unlimited helps to create the world in which women CHOOSE to live!

Life Leadership Unlimited provides services for professional women who want to create and live powerful lives. Through proven, simple strategies and concepts specifically designed to address the needs of women, LLU helps women to relinquish the obstacles that deprive them from reaching their greatest potential! Life Leadership Unlimited LLC grants women the life they DESERVE by allowing women to discover the power to realize both personal and professional life goals.

With a variety of services divided into two groups (, LLU allows women to determine the right services, specific to their needs, to get the most out of their experience.

The first group, Powerful Life Solutions, is geared toward helping women achieve goals in their personal life, such as overcoming fears, self-sabotage, and gaining the confidence to pursue their dreams. The second group is the Powerful Business Life Solutions. For those who are looking to improve their leadership skills or become a change agent in their current environment, PB-LIFE-S is the way to go.

Visit ( and discover why Life Leadership Unlimited is creating tomorrow's Women of the World.

Founder & CEO Kathy Wilson is a Personal Empowerment & Leadership Development expert in the Washington, DC area who is changing lives and inspiring woman to have the life they both desire & deserve. Change Your Life! (

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