TORONTO--(Marketwire - June 5, 2007) - BrandIntel, a leader in online market intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of BrandIntel Advance™, a 2007-2008 television landscape report offering designed to help advertisers and media buyers optimize placement of network television advertising campaigns. BrandIntel Advance provides subscribers with monthly reports detailing an audience's engagement with primetime network television programming. By analyzing online consumer discussion of network television programming, the BrandIntel reports will provide media buyers with additional insight into an audience's commitment and connection to a television program. As a result, media buyers can make more informed and targeted network advertisement placements.

BrandIntel Advance goes beyond traditional TV ratings to understand a viewer's engagement or level of interest in a show before it airs. The analysis will identify whether viewers are actively participating in discussion around a show, opinions about a show and reasons for their opinions. The reports will also deliver data regarding audience communities to further distinguish demographics of an audience by mapping the interests and patterns of online consumer discussion. BrandIntel Advance complements TV ratings by providing viewer engagement metrics for each primetime network show. Used with traditional ratings, the BrandIntel metrics will provide advertisers with a new understanding of a program's audience to ensure that their advertising placements reach the intended target market.

"Media buyers and advertisers are consistently looking for new ways to maximize their ad dollars," said John Cummings, VP of BrandIntel, Media. "For example, if two shows have similar ratings and are targeted at the same demographic (women between 18 and 49) it can be difficult to know which show is the better advertising placement. BrandIntel Advance will provide data around an audience's engagement level so media buyers can see which show consumers are more connected to, helping them to make better advertising decisions."

Using patent-pending Internet technology combined with the power of human analysis, BrandIntel detects, analyzes and generates intelligence on tens of thousands of relevant comments around the media and television industries on a daily basis. The company scans the entire scope of the Internet and analyzes the most pertinent content to measure for assigned sentiment scores and share of discussion, rating the physical and emotional value of the results (positive or negative) to produce the relevant categorization records of information in all its reports.

BrandIntel Advance is a monthly subscription with the first report being delivered this month. To purchase a subscription please contact John Cummings at 919-601-9090 or Or visit the BrandIntel web site for additional information at

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