SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - June 5, 2007) - Maxager, the leading provider of enterprise profit optimization (EPO) solutions, today announced record-breaking first quarter results with the addition of eight new manufacturing customers. Over the past year, Maxager has grown its total customer base by over 130 percent and is now managing more than $25 billion in customer revenue with its patented profit-per-minute solution that allows companies to maximize profit and ROA. In addition to increased revenue and a rapidly growing customer base, the company has significantly expanded operations in Europe and Asia.

Maxager provides information that gives management unprecedented insight into business operations. To uncover incremental profit enhancement opportunities that were previously obscured by traditional "margin-only" analysis, Maxager integrates margin with production run-rate data to provide comprehensive historical analysis, powerful what-if modeling capability and detailed variance analysis. For the first time, all functional organizations -- sales, marketing, finance and production -- have a common metric to evaluate profitability. Equally important, profit per minute is the only metric that yields truly accurate insight into how daily actions will impact overall company profitability.

"Because companies have found it almost impossible to monitor profit per minute on a product by product basis, margin analysis was the primary mechanism that manufacturers used to control revenue and profitability," said Michael Rothschild, founder and CEO of Maxager. "Maxager has successfully addressed this challenge. Our stellar growth rate provides evidence that our value proposition has become well understood and is gaining widespread acceptance with manufacturers."

The Maxager solution has been adopted by leading manufacturers within the United States and around the world. As the result of dramatically increased sales activity in Europe and Asia, Maxager has opened an office in Frankfurt and has expanded both sales and support offices in Bangkok and Taipei.

About Maxager Technology

Founded in 1996, Maxager's patented enterprise profit optimization (EPO) solutions help leading chemicals, metals, electronics and other complex manufacturers such as Dow Chemical, Owens-Illinois, Siliconware Precision Industries, and WCI Steel increase cash and profit worth 3-5% of revenue. Uncovering profit gain opportunities that are obscured by traditional "margin only" analysis, Maxager uses both margin and production velocity information to analyze history and generate realistic forward modeling that provides management teams an entirely new level of control over Return on Assets (ROA) -- the key driver of shareholder value.

Ideal for manufacturers with a wide range of products, customers and assets, Maxager's unique technology calculates precisely how fast each product, customer, or market generates cash and profit from the assets, allowing managers to truly optimize product mix & customer mix profitability, sales & profit planning, strategic pricing, and production planning. New customers typically begin reaping benefits within 60 days. Maxager is headquartered near San Francisco with offices in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit or call +1.888.MAXAGER.

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