LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 6, 2007) - Pringo.com, an emerging social networking company, today announced their partnership with Pixsy, a media search platform that powers private label image and video search engines. The partnership will add features to Pringo's existing comprehensive library of social networking tools, enabling clients to use Pixsy's API to add video and image search capabilities to dramatically enhance their websites into dynamic communities that actively engage audiences.

"We are extremely excited to be working with Pixsy and feel that through this partnership, Pringo Networks will be able to provide even more incredible options for our clients. Pixsy's impressive image and video search technology will undoubtedly be a popular feature for up-and-coming social networks," states Pringo.com President Gary Hall.

The direction of Web 2.0 is pointing more and more towards social networks for organizations and brands that are looking to expand their marketing plan to include an online presence. Moving beyond the static sites of yesterday, companies are able to use viral marketing and user involvement to their advantage, ultimately increasing page views and advertising impressions. Pringo's extensive suite of features offers companies the opportunity to design a social network where users can share media, communicate, and connect with others of similar interests or experiences. The combination of Pringo's comprehensive feature sets and extremely fast turn-around time results in an optimal experience for both companies that would like to add to existing sites as well as those venturing into the online space for the first time and looking to add a social networking component to their site.

"The meteoric rise in social networks presents a tremendous opportunity for us to offer our search technology and extensive media index to the Pringo network," said Chase Norlin, Pixsy CEO. "Our partnership with Pringo is significant toward broadening our reach to this key audience."

Pixsy is a media search platform that powers photo and video search engines for any site on the Internet. It aggregates content in the form of photo and video thumbnails, organizes the images using proprietary technology at Pixsy.com, and then distributes those thumbnails via media search. The index delivers the most current search results to its users.


Pringo.com was created in 2002 when two visionaries saw the potential of the Internet to be a gathering place for individuals around the world to communicate and share common interests. After collecting thousands of domain names and building each site from scratch, Harvard Young and Nouriel Yazdinian's idea was to create a scalable and fully extendable platform that would allow new features to be added on without interrupting existing website functions. Pringo currently has over 400 features and is continually adding new ones, all of which can be added to current or new websites and be in the market place in just weeks time. The Pringo philosophy centers on a unique vision and innovative technology that utilizes the best software to help clients penetrate their particular market and stay current with the fast-moving pace of the Internet. For more information on Pringo, go to http://www.pringo.com.


Pixsy Corporation is an award-winning media search platform that powers private label image and video search engines for online websites and applications. Pixsy brings a new suite of tools to the multimedia search sector and is creating new search-based ad opportunities in the process. Pixsy's multimedia spiders and index also let it create compelling vertical search applications for customers that can serve as multimedia launching points for vertical portals. Pixsy has offices in San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA and was founded by a team of engineers and business leaders hailing from Microsoft, Sony, and ValueClick.

Contact Information: Pringo Media Contact: Elina Heng Terpin Communications (310)821-6100 x108 Pixsy Media Contact: Lauren Karp Pixsy Corporation (415)533-4000