PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - June 12, 2007) - Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi), the Intelligent Information(SM) company, announced today the successful delivery of a proprietary Algorithm Performance Prediction Model to Pipeline Trading Systems LLC, the marketplace of choice for large block electronic trading, driving new industry standards for trading accuracy and performance.

ATi's prediction model will be incorporated into Pipeline's Algorithm Switching Engine™, created to translate an institutional trader's point and click decision into an optimal choice of algorithm and execution style.

"In an out-of-sample performance test aiming to identify the most profitable switching opportunities, Pipeline verified the predictive accuracy of the Algorithm Prediction Model at 56% better than linear regression," said Susan Cordts, President and CEO, Adaptive Technologies, Inc. "These results surpassed expectations and set new accuracy standards."

Employing over 50 historical and real time drivers, the ATi Algorithm Performance Prediction Model will power Pipeline's proprietary Algorithm Switching Engine to intelligently switch order routing whenever it forecasts another algorithm will perform significantly better than the one currently in use. This capability is significant to an industry that relies on immediate, precise results.

"ATi's breakthrough prediction model is empowering Pipeline to correct the inefficiencies associated with the static choice of a single algorithmic style on a large order which will live through significant variations in market conditions," said Fred Federspiel, President, Pipeline Trading Systems.

About Adaptive Technologies, Inc.: Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi) helps business leaders make better decisions. We provide companies with tailored business intelligence and advanced predictive analytics solutions that turn enterprise data into intelligent, actionable information. Founded in 2001, Adaptive Technologies, Inc. is privately held and based in Arizona. The company is led by president and CEO Susan Cordts.

About Pipeline Trading Systems: New York-based Pipeline Trading Systems LLC is a registered broker/dealer and operator of Pipeline, an Alternative Trading System (ATS) that enables institutions and brokerage firms to quickly and efficiently trade large blocks of NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq listed issues, ADRs and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). To date, Pipeline's fill rates and the percentage of trades executing within the National Best Bid and Offer have both been strong. While Pipeline expects those trends to continue, we do not guarantee similar performance in the future. Although there has been no indication to date, high volumes, congested system access and price volatility may impede trading activities. Pipeline Trading Systems LLC is a member of the NASD and SIPC. For more information, visit

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