A Fighter's Passion for Her Olympic Dream

Author Gail A. Grandchamp Reveals Her Story of Being the Real 'Million Dollar Baby'

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

NORTH ADAMS, Mass., June 15, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- A woman struggles to find equality in predominantly male sport, boxing. In this male-dominated empire of boxing, can a woman rise above discrimination to find her own place in the sport she loves? Author and Women's Boxing History Champion Gail A. Grandchamp shares her true story and contributions in women's boxing in her autobiographical book, Gail Grandchamp: A Fighter With Heart.

Grandchamp knew that she had a tough fight ahead when she decided to fight for women's rights in boxing. It took her eight hefty, uncompensated years in court before she experienced victory for women's right to box as amateurs under the United States Amateur Boxing Federation ABF, now known as USA Boxing. Gail Grandchamp: A Fighter With Heart tells the untold truth about the lawsuit that officially lifted the ban on woman's boxing to become amateur. The landmark case made history for Dallas Malloy and any other female boxer to walk right through it.

Boxing is not just about power but also about technique. For Grandchamp, it is the truest form of competition. Gaining women's rights was never about the male, female thing. According to the author, people need to know the truth and that this is the real deal -- a real story that should not perish. Grandchamp's passion and heart for boxing ran so deep that she became her own attorney. She has contributed every dime she had into court costs and has repeatedly turned down offers to relocate her talent in pursuit of the Olympic Dream, hoping that Women's Boxing being part of the Olympics will soon become a reality.

Any real male or female boxer who wants to know the truth of Woman's amateur boxing and its real founders will find this a fascinating read. Grandchamp is the real founder of women's boxing, and is The Real Women's History Champion. Although the author has been denied adequate recognition and credibility for her accomplishments in the History of Women's World of boxing, A Fighter With Heart reveals the inspiring real tale of her amazing historical accomplishments. Buy a copy of this intriguing book and discover the remarkable woman behind Women's Boxing history!

About the Author

As a professional boxer, Gail Grandchamp is a passionate, focused, real, all around athlete that still to this day follows a regular regimen. She encourages her boxers, clients, and self to live a healthy life style through proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, and abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Grandchamp has also competed and secured countless first place victories in martial arts and karate. It should also be recognized that the author was once the #1 women's body builder, and the second strongest woman in New England. She also believes strongly in defense and stands up strongly for what she believes in. Grandchamp grew up in the Berkshires, and is proud to be a positive influence in the community. She has helped out three hundred people with the sales of her book and other products, salvation army, Vietnam Veterans of America and all products purchased from www.afighterwithheart.com to help people in need.

       Gail Grandchamp: A Fighter with Heart * by Gail A. Grandchamp
               Trade Paperback; ISBN13: 978-1-4243-2866-6

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