Main points:

Plans Expanded Use of GeoSolutions Technology
Changes Company name to GeoSentric
Experienced Senior Management Team in Place
Names Dan Harple Executive Chairman
New Investment Capital Committed

HELSINKI - 27 June, 2007 - Finnish mobile communications company, Benefon,
today announced several strategic initiatives to leverage a recent acquisition,
to further expand and develop the company's current products into an integrated
portfolio and to position the company to take advantage of the rapidly growing
global market for mobile, web and Internet-connected devices requiring location
based services. 

At the core of the strategy is the integration of the GeoSolutions platform
across the product portfolio. Benefon recently acquired GeoSolutions in May
2007, to provide customers with high value applications and solutions to
address market demand for mobile social networking, personal navigation and
smart mobile services in the consumer market, mobile CRM, SFA, field and
workflow management, and asset tracking in commercial markets. The GeoSolutions
technologies provide the platform for the capture, usage, integration and
management of location-based data and content to consumer and commercial
applications and solutions. 

In support of the strategic initiatives, the company has announced it will
change the Benefon name to GeoSentric.  The company has initiated the steps
required to revise the Articles of Association, has prepared for the calling of
an Extraordinary General Meeting for approvals, and initiated the steps
necessary to obtain the registration of the new name and approvals of all
related parties and regulatory bodies. 

Supportive of the strategic initiatives, GeoSentric further announced the
addition of an integrated senior executive team, brought together again from
prior successful companies headed by Mr. Harple, co-founder of GeoSolutions and
a current Benefon Director.  Many of the new team worked together, as a senior
management team, in several prior companies, all of which delivered superior
shareholder value in M&A transactions with Netscape Communications, EMC,
Oracle, AOL/Time-Warner, and UUNet/WorldCom.  The GeoSentric executive team
currently includes: 

- Dan Harple, Managing Director, GeoSolutions, B.V.;
- Sam Critchley, Vice President, Products, founder of A2B and formerly UUNet; 
- Rich Pizzarro, CTO, previously at InSoft/Netscape, AOL/Time-Warner, and; 
- Gavin Nicol, Principal Architect, formerly in senior roles for Progress
Software and Oracle, author of multiple Internet Standards and IETF drafts; 
- Shane Lennon, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, recently of
Pitney Bowes Management Services, Ibis Consulting, Context Media and; 
- Bruce Hathaway, CFO/Controller, GeoSolutions Business Unit, having worked
closely with Mr. Harple on operations and finance at Context Media/Oracle,
AOL/Time-Warner, and InSoft/Netscape; 
- Robin Halliday, CFO, previously with British Telecom, and Price Waterhouse;
- Tomi Raita, President & General Manager, TWIG Products & Services, formerly
in senior roles at Schroff Scandinavia AB, and Teleste Oy 
- Jeff Lin, Managing Director, China Operations, formerly at Navteq, Nav2,
Dantis and Tellabs. 

In addition, the GeoSolutions acquisition provides access to a deeply
experienced Advisory Board, chaired by world renowned & leading computer
scientist and professor, Andries van Dam, Ph.D., VP of Research, Brown
University.  Dr. van Dam, widely known as the co-founder of ACM-SIGGRAPH, the
pre-eminent annual computer graphics event, also continues his decades-long
association with Microsoft, where he maintains a longstanding Technical
Advisory Board relationship. 

As announced earlier today, and in support of the strategy, the Board of
Directors has appointed Dan Harple, seasoned technology executive and former
Oracle and Netscape senior executive, as Executive Chairman of the company. The
company has agreed to the departure of Peter Bamford from his position as
Non-Executive Chairman, and Simon Wilkinson as Director. The company would like
to thank Mr. Bamford and Mr. Wilkinson for their support during their
involvement with Benefon.  The board decided that the company needs an
Executive Chairman at this stage of its development, and acknowledges that Mr.
Bamford wishes to focus more time in his work on new and varied opportunities. 

The Board of Directors issued the following statement; “The Board appreciates
the role that Peter Bamford and Simon Wilkinson have played in assisting the
company in the recent period and we want to thank them.  Moving forward, the
Board is excited to work with Internet and digital media veteran, Dan Harple,
and his experienced team, as we put in place a technology platform and
organization to develop a new breed of mobile, web and Internet-connected
devices, location based services applications and solutions for a global
market.  This team has worked together prior to GeoSentric, delivered
significant shareholder value, and invented important Internet and
communications standards.  All of these elements should serve GeoSentric well
into the future and provide enhanced value for shareholders.” 

“It's exciting to work with this team to create applications and solutions that
will lead in the market place and provide and deliver solid shareholder value,”
noted Dan Harple. “I look forward to helping the company accelerate the
development of a new breed of applications that can have an exciting impact on
how people leverage location based solutions in their daily lives. The
executive team we bring to GeoSentric has years of experience working together.
 We are all excited to be together again, developing solutions that are
valuable for customers, and ultimately, shareholders.” 

As part of the commitment to support GeoSentric and Mr. Harple and the
executive team's accelerated expansion into new markets, a new round of funding
has been opened, with 4 million euros already committed subject to agreement on
final terms of the financing. 

The strategy is supported by strong industry trends, illustrating the large
global market opportunity in location-based services, and geo-integration
technologies in general.  Recent research has shown: 
- Approximately 1.14 BN mobile devices will be shipped in 2007, many now
shipping with GPS, Cameras & web access as standard; 
- 20% of European consumers users now use GPS in a number of different devices
(GPS is the foundation technology for location based services); 
- In a recent C.J. Driscoll & Associates survey of consumers 18 and older,
interest in location services exceeded that of mobile email, photos, video
downloads and live TV viewing; 
- Location services are seen by analysts as a key element to the adoption of 3G
handsets worldwide- “GPS services will drive the adoption of UMTS 3G handsets.
GPS-enabled location services are expected to lead subscribers to use more 3G
data services, and thereby drive overall 3G handset sales” ABI Research,
Location Based Services, October 2006; 
- “…the European market alone, over the next four years, will grow to € 2.2
billion and account for 4.5 percent of total non-voice revenues…” Berg Insight
AB, October 2006; 
- “The popularity of social networking is not expected to wane in the near
future,” said Peter Daboll, president and CEO of comScore Media Metrix. “This
is a phenomenon we're seeing not only in the U.S., but also around the world…” 

About the Executive Chairman-
Prior to co-founding GeoSolutions, Mr. Harple was Founder, Chairman and CEO of
Context Media, Inc., an enterprise software firm he founded in 1999.  Context
Media was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2005, forming the basis for
Oracle's Enterprise Content Integration platform.  Previously, Mr. Harple's
efforts centered on media technologies in a new company, Context Labs, which he
co-founded with Todd Rundgren.  Prior to this, he pioneered key Internet media
and collaboration technologies as a Senior Vice President at Netscape
Communications and as Founder & CEO of InSoft, which merged with Netscape in
1996. This merger introduced several "firsts" to the Internet, including the
first streaming media system - Netscape Media Server; the first Internet
telephony technology - Netscape Conference; and the first media developers'
platform - Netscape LiveMedia. Mr. Harple and his team also spearheaded the
development of Netscape LiveAudio and LiveVideo technology and the creation of
several major Internet standards, including the Real-Time Streaming Protocol
(RTSP). These technologies provide the foundation for the way multimedia and
real-time interactive communications are utilized on the Internet and opened
the door for the convergence of the Internet and traditional telephony

About GeoSentric-
GeoSentric is a developer of location-based technologies, delivering products
and services that connect people to places and networks, from work to play to
home.   It develops the leading geo-integration platform for mobile phone
devices, personal navigation devices, web browsers, and Internet-connected
devices, and provides applications and bundled ODM/OEM solutions for consumer
and B2B markets, built on the convergence of location based services, social
networking, search, mobile & Web 2.0 technologies.  GeoSentric is an ISO
9001:2000 certified provider.   Direct press and analyst inquiries to in the Americas or in


Tomi Raita