LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 16, 2007) - David Lynch's acclaimed film INLAND EMPIRE will make its DVD debut this summer with Rhino Entertainment. Overseen personally by Lynch, the DVD will feature the director's mind-bending cinematic journey generously embellished with a number of extras including a massive collection of additional scenes entitled "More Things That Happened." Other bonus materials include a making-of featurette, interviews with Lynch and the film's star Laura Dern, a photo gallery and theatrical trailers, plus footage of Lynch at home cooking quinoa -- an edible seed similar in texture to couscous. INLAND EMPIRE will be available August 14th from Rhino Entertainment for a suggested list price of $29.95.

Filming entirely in digital video allowed Lynch to explore many different pieces of the puzzle that make up the rich tapestry of INLAND EMPIRE. Lynch had a wealth of additional scenes that were integral to his original vision of the film. For the INLAND EMPIRE DVD Lynch dove further into the story to include scenes that enrich the original mystery. "I'm very happy with the DVD because it continues the story of INLAND EMPIRE and people can discover 'More Things That Happen,'" says the director about the special bonus features on the DVD.

Starring Dern, Jeremy Irons and Justin Theroux along with Harry Dean Stanton, Diane Ladd and special appearances by Grace Zabriskie, William H. Macy and Julia Ormond, Lynch describes INLAND EMPIRE with characteristic understatement as "A woman in trouble."

A surreal visual voyage, INLAND EMPIRE was shot in both Los Angeles and Poland. It features some of Poland's biggest film stars and took more than two years to complete. Lynch worked from a script that he developed during shooting which makes the behind-the-scene moments especially illuminating.

Since its premiere last September at the Venice Film Festival in Italy, the film has provoked intense reactions. Manohla Dargis of The New York Times describes INLAND EMPIRE as "fitfully brilliant, a plunge down the rabbit hole of the director's imagination and a spellbinding companion to his masterpiece, 'Mulholland Drive.'" Peter Travers of Rolling Stone lauds the film as "a puzzle whose pieces you'll keep trying to put together in your head long after you leave the theater." And Nathan Lee of The Village Voice praises Dern in the "Performance of the Year."

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DVD Price:             $29.95 U.S.
Street Date:           August 14, 2007
Pre-Order Date:        June 29, 2007
Total Running Time:    310 +/- Minutes
DVD Catalog Number:    R2 183036
Discs:                 2 Disc Set
Distributor:           Ryko/Rhino
Rating:                Rated R

David Lynch Cooks Quinoa
Lynch 2 (Behind The Scenes Of Inland Empire)
Stills (73 Photos)
Stories (With David Lynch)
Theatrical Trailers (3)
More Things That Happened

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