LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 18, 2007) - Beginning August 5th, a team of female pilots -- Team Skychick -- will participate in an unparalleled air race which will pit 50 teams against each other flying through 35 states, touching all four corners of the US.

The race will last 13 days, cover 10,000 miles and require 100 hours of flight time. Participants are racing in many different types of certified and experimental aircraft. Dubbed "The Great Air Race," this event will become a 13-week reality television series filmed by Papillon Productions.

Daniel E. Diaz, a Latin American writer/producer of true life dramas, and Director Donna Brown set out to create a race like no other with $1 Million in cash and prizes. Notably the longest air race in US history, pilots will compete both in the air and on the ground and be presented with real risks and unprecedented challenges.

Team Skyckick is an all-female team consisting of pilot Ramona Cox, aka SKYCHICK, and co-pilot Pia Bergqvist. Both are aircraft owners and their love for aviation and adventure led them to enter the race. "Unlike many of our competitors, we have never air-raced," said Cox. "We will be competing against top racers and even military jet pilots."

Cox is well-known among aviators for "adventure flying" where she flies solo into remote airstrips and camps among the moose and bear. Through air show seminars and her website, www.skychick.com, Cox shares her photographs and tales of adventure encouraging others to pursue their passions and live their dreams.

Having lost her mother to cancer at 10, Ramona uses aviation to raise money for the Wellness Community -- a cancer support group. She also participates in school programs introducing kids to flight. "I'm 5 feet tall, so many of the children are taller than me," Cox said. "I know they are thinking, if SHE can do it, I can do it. I love their enthusiasm, and hope that my words of encouragement can make a difference in their future."

Bergqvist shares Cox's love for adventure and has flown extensively in single engine aircraft through Alaska, Mexico and all corners of the United States. She is a flight instructor and aviation journalist.

For information regarding the race, visit www.thegreatairrace.com

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