SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - July 18, 2007) - Hyperic Inc., the leader in multi-platform, open source systems management, today announced that Diversified Check Solutions, a provider of financial services technology solutions, has deployed Hyperic HQ 3.0 Enterprise to manage and monitor its diverse and fast-growing IT infrastructure. The strategic investment in Hyperic software enabled Diversified Check Solutions (DCS) to fast-track the deployment and scale-out of its new service, ACHeck21™, and achieve a complete ROI in less than two months.

Diversified Check Solutions helps businesses and entities of all types that accept check payments streamline their payment process. The ACHeck21™ solution suite converts paper checks into digital images and integrates these images into standard financial activities such as check verification, updating accounts receivable systems, managing returns, archiving checks and data, and data mining.

In late 2004, the Federal Reserve changed regulations, mandating that by 2010, all checks will have to be sent digitally. In addition to significantly speeding the rate that transactions can be processed, the digital check imaging technology will better protect consumers from erroneous and unauthorized check payments. Since the announcement, financial institutions have been scrambling to prepare for this change, and have turned to companies like DCS to solve their technology needs.

"In our industry, any failure of the network has massive implications," said Bret Hillbun, chief software architect of DCS. "If our customers fail to make a transaction, it damages them all the way to the consumer -- and they could face heavy fines. As the connector point for all those transactions, we must have 100 percent availability."

In early 2007, DCS launched its new product, ACHeck21™ for check digitization and rapid conversion. The solution is resold by many financial institutions, and is subject to regular audits on many levels -- including technology and business continuity. Hyperic's systems management platform was used in DCS' most recent audit and was found to be a very satisfactory solution by the auditing firm.

"I have used both HP's OpenView and IBM's Tivoli suites in the past, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Hyperic managed everything I needed right out of the box," said Hillbun. "I installed Hyperic HQ and set-up the entire system in two days."

"Online financial services companies like Diversified Check Solutions live and die by uptime and scalability -- there are no second chances on the Web," said Hyperic CEO Javier Soltero. "They need the confidence that their management solution is always one step ahead of potential problems, and that it will stay that way, no matter how many new users are added. With Hyperic HQ they get that confidence."

Within weeks of deployment, DCS was successful in signing several contracts with major financial services providers. Through these contracts, DCS became the provider of digitized check services to thousands of credit unions nationwide, and continues to expand its service. During this expansion, the operations team exceeded the service level agreements for its customers.

Since Hyperic automates the majority of the detailed tasks expected of the operations team, the team was able to avoid additional hiring despite the rapid growth. "It's made all of our lives much better. It takes a lot less work to be confident that you know everything that is happening on every server all the time," said Hillbun. "Our work environment is a lot less stressful, and we've achieved our ROI in less than two months."

"For any company that runs a service, a management system isn't optional," continued Hillbun. "Hyperic's price point and functionality makes it the only choice out there. The amount of money you save is phenomenal."

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