LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 15, 2007) - Adknowledge is pleased to announce today that Pringo Networks has selected Adknowledge's AdStation for Taglines product for integration into Pringo's social networking platform. This allows any company that is using Pringo's social networking software to make money from their user base by including Adknowledge's taglines inside the emails generated by their users. Taglines are short text ads, consisting of one or two sentences that are added to the footer of an email message.

"Our partnership with Adknowledge allows us to offer a great revenue stream for our clients that are using our social networking software," said Gary Hall of Pringo Networks. "AdStation for Taglines allows us to access years of behavioral information that Adknowledge has collected, allowing us to deliver relevant ads that are of interest to the end users. Taglines are a great match to our business model because they're targeted without being intrusive to our end users."

"Adknowledge is pleased to have Pringo Networks integrate the AdStation for Tagline product directly into their social networking platform," said Rick Ramos, Vice President of Marketing at Adknowledge. "Due to the wide variety of companies that are using their platform, their traffic quality is outstanding. They have such a diverse mix of niche and affinity groups using their service. It's an overall great match for a long-term partnership."

About Adknowledge

Adknowledge is a single destination for advertisers looking for quality clicks beyond Google® and Yahoo!®. Adknowledge operates BidSystem.com, an online marketplace in which advertisers seamlessly bid for traffic in websites, smaller search engines and email. Over 50,000 advertisers have used the Adknowledge BidSystem. Additionally, publishers can display advertisements by integrating the AdStation® product line of solutions with their website, email list, or search engine. For more information about Adknowledge, please visit us at www.Adknowledge.com. To show Adknowledge ads within your website or email newsletter, please visit www.AdStation.com. To receive traffic for your website from the Adknowledge marketplace, please visit www.BidSystem.com.

About Pringo Networks

Pringo Networks was created in 2002 when two visionaries saw the potential of the Internet to be a gathering place for individuals around the world to communicate and share common interests. After collecting over 400 domain names and building each site from scratch, Harvard Young and Nouriel Yazdinian's idea was to create a scalable and fully extendable platform that would allow new features to be added on without interrupting existing website functions. Pringo currently has over 400 features and is continually adding new ones, all of which can be added to current or new websites and be in the market place in just weeks time. Pringo recently recruited Reunion.com's Gary Hall to join the team as President of the company and help pave the way for Pringo's future success. The Pringo philosophy centers around the vision and technology that help the client penetrate their particular market utilizing the best software platform and keeping the client current with the fast-moving pace of the Internet. For more information on Pringo Networks, go to http://www.pringo.com.

Contact Information: Contact: Rick Ramos Vice President of Marketing (816) 777-1182