BETHESDA, MD--(Marketwire - August 15, 2007) - Arxan Technologies Inc., a leading provider of IP protection solutions designed to prevent software piracy and tampering, today announced that Info Security Products Guide, the world's leading publication on security-related products and technologies, has named Arxan's GuardIT™ a winner of the 2007 Tomorrow's Technology Today Award. This prestigious award recognizes security vendors with advanced, groundbreaking network security solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of information security. GuardIT was selected for its groundbreaking Guard technology by the editors of Info Security Products Guide as the technology that is making the most positive impact on security in today's highly sophisticated and blended attack environment.

Arxan's GuardIT solution provides durable, comprehensive IP protection for software, without adversely affecting application performance or end-user experience. Through an interconnected mesh of small security units called Guards, which are scattered across a compiled binary and then dissolved into the application, Arxan's protection deeply fortifies the overall software product against piracy, tampering, reverse engineering or other forms of attack.

"Companies that have been honoured with the well-respected 2007 Tomorrow's Technology Today Award have each made a deep-rooted commitment to solving security issues," says Rake Narang, Editor-in-Chief, Info Security Products Guide. "Probably nothing differentiates a product or solution more than the superior technologies behind it, making it suitable for today's needs while pro-actively being ready for tomorrow, too."

"Info Security Products Guide's recognition of our GuardIT solution further validates our technology as excellence-in-class and ahead of the curve," said Mike Dager, CEO of Arxan. "Our innovative architecture and solution at the binary level truly differentiates our products and we are pleased this award acknowledges our market leader position in the software IP protection space."

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Arxan Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of intellectual property (IP) protection designed to prevent software piracy, tampering, reverse engineering and any manner of theft. Our GuardIT™ solution takes software security beyond static obfuscation and encryption to dynamically defend, detect and react against application attacks. Arxan supports a full range of anti-tamper and robustness needs, from commercial anti-piracy to military grade assurance. Commercial businesses rely on Arxan to fortify software, license management and DRM applications to prevent the loss of billions of dollars to unauthorized use. The U.S. department of defense and its contractors rely on Arxan Defense Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Arxan Technologies, to deliver best of breed anti-tamper solutions to protect critical program information in military technology. Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has offices in Bethesda, Md., San Francisco, Calif., Dallas, Boston, Chicago, New York and West Lafayette, Ind. For more information please visit