MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - August 16, 2007) - Kazeon, a leading provider of enterprise information access solutions, announced today that Info Security Products Guide, a Silicon Valley Communications publication and the world's leading publication on security-related products and technologies, has named Kazeon's Information Server IS1200-ECS a winner of the 2007 Tomorrow's Technology Today Award. This prestigious award recognizes security vendors with advanced, ground-breaking network security solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of information security. The IS1200-ECS was selected by the editors of Info Security Products Guide based on technologies that are making the most positive impact on security in today's highly sophisticated and blended attacks environment.

To help healthcare organizations meet the growing challenges of eDiscovery and manage electronically stored information, the IS1200-ECS ensures information residing on desktops, networked storage systems and devices (scanners, film digitizers, etc) can be discovered, searched and managed in order to improve productivity, decrease risk and increase regulatory compliance. Kazeon also provides integrated support for the DICOM standard, which enables healthcare providers to discover, search and manage files based on one or many DICOM file attributes. The IS1200-ECS integrates into existing healthcare provider networks and interfaces with existing networked storage and servers to search, classify and act on files in hundreds of file formats and all files that comply with the DICOM standard.

Kazeon helps healthcare providers by providing a complete solution for Healthcare IT environments. For more information on the Kazeon IS1200-ECS, please visit:

"Companies that have been honoured with the prestigious 2007 Tomorrow's Technology Today award have each made deep-rooted commitment to solving security issues," says Rake Narang, editor-in-chief, Info Security Products Guide. "Probably nothing differentiates a product or solution more than the superior technologies behind it making them suitable for today's needs while pro-actively being ready for tomorrow too."

"Healthcare organizations are challenged by rigorous eDiscovery, regulatory compliance and governance requirements, " said Sudhakar Muddu, CEO of Kazeon. "The Kazeon Information Server IS1200-ECS makes it easier for these organizations to increase regulatory compliance and decrease risk. Complying with the DICOM standard is an extra step that Kazeon has taken to improve the IS1200-ECS to help better manage and protect patient information."

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Kazeon is a leading provider of enterprise information access solutions that revolutionize the way companies search, classify and act on information. The Kazeon Information Server™ platform dramatically reduces the cost of searching the massive amounts of incompatible content distributed across the enterprise. Proven solutions for Legal eDiscovery, Information Security & Privacy, Governance Risk & Compliance, and Storage Optimization have been adopted by leading global organizations, including Bosch, Cisco, General Electric, ING Group, INVESCO, Philips, and SAP. Through the development of unique indexing, tagging, and automation technology, Kazeon has established partnerships with leading companies such as, Network Appliance, BearingPoint, Google, and Oracle. Kazeon's award-winning products are helping an increasing number of companies find and organize their information and to reduce the cost and risk associated with its explosive growth. For more information, visit or call +1-877-KAZEON1.

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