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AAA Texas: Offers Tips for Home & Auto Owners During Storm

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - August 16, 2007) - Tropical storm Erin has created widespread flooding in many areas of Texas. AAA Texas is offering some tips for home and auto policyholders that may be affected by the storm.

AAA Texas recommends the following tips for dealing with flooded vehicles:

--  If your vehicle sustained visible damage, note the damage and take
    photographs for claims adjusters.
--  If your vehicle was driven in high water, do not restart it as this
    could cause more damage.
--  Any flooding above the bottom door of a vehicle, which saturates the
    carpet, is a clear indication that the vehicle was driven in high water.
--  Vehicles that have been flooded may have damage to the air intake
    system, which can result in severe engine damage. Sensitive electronics
    such as airbags may also be affected.
--  Any vehicle suffering flood damage should be taken to a reputable
    repair shop for inspection after you report a claim. Do not repair flooded
    vehicles yourself as it often takes proper equipment to detect all storm
--  To find a reputable repair shop ask a repair shop for credentials such
    as AAA's Approved Auto Repair, ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and BBB
    (Better Business Bureau) certifications.


--  Check your house and vehicle for damage.
--  Prepare an inventory of damaged property.
--  Try to store undamaged property in a protected place where it won't be
--  Take photographs of damaged property for the claims adjuster before
    any clean-up is done.
--  Cover broken windows and other holes to prevent further damage.
--  Dry out the area as much as you can.
--  If carpet is soaked, remove it and carpet pad. Keep a two-foot square
    piece for the claims adjuster.
--  Run AC, dehumidifier and fans constantly. Repair if necessary.
--  If power is out, disconnect all computers and appliances from
    electrical sources.
--  Open cabinet doors and elevate furniture so air can circulate and aid
    in drying out process.
--  Wash wet CDs or LP records with warm water and dry.
--  Save wet books or photo albums by putting them on edge in a frost free
--  Test drywall for moisture softness. If soft, cut holes at base to help
    dry out.
--  Try to be present when the adjuster inspects your damage.

Members, who have their homes or vehicles insured with AAA Texas, can call the AAA Texas claims hotline at 1.800.672.5246 to file storm damage claims.

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