ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - August 16, 2007) - RouteMatch Software, Inc. today announced that Sioux Falls Transit will be the first to deploy its newest Fixed Route Computer-Aided Dispatch and Automated Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) solution, RouteMatch CA™. Sioux Falls Transit selected RouteMatch CA for its robust CAD/AVL capabilities that help with schedule adherence, route/stop setup, vehicle tracking, and provide real-time, visual kiosk information about vehicle arrival and departure for riders at its transfer centers.

Sioux Falls Transit provides fixed route transportation on 16 routes -- including traditional routes, school trips, and a downtown trolley service, ADA paratransit services and school bus transportation in South Dakota. To improve services, AVL will be installed on 31 fixed route vehicles, complementing Mobile Data Computers (MDCs) that are currently installed on all 22 paratransit vehicles.

"As we approach the completion of 1 million passenger trips per year, RouteMatch CA will assist us in providing higher quality service to the riding public, as well as helping us to identify any driver or route concerns," stated John Nardini, general manager of Sioux Falls Transit.

"We're excited about this opportunity to grow our relationship with Sioux Falls Transit, having provided vehicle tracking and scheduling software for its paratransit vehicles for several years. But with this project, we will now track the fixed route vehicles and be able to provide status to the riders and alerts to the dispatchers. Also, Sioux Falls Transit management will now have a tremendous amount of data available to do trend analysis on schedule adherence," said Mike Wade, vice president and general manager for RouteMatch Software.

Sioux Falls selected RouteMatch's CA product to not only improve on-time performance and schedule adherence for its fixed route operations, but to also improve customer service and ridership satisfaction by providing traveler information on kiosks at its two transfer centers. With the help of AVL, riders will be able to see a real-time, visual display of actual vehicle arrivals -- whether a vehicle will be arriving early or late -- so riders can plan accordingly.

About Sioux Falls Transit

As the first public transit system in the state of South Dakota, Sioux Falls Transit is a small urban transit system that operates both fixed route and paratransit services running approximately 3,500 trips per day. Sioux Falls Transit runs 16 fixed routes including traditional, school trips, and downtown trolley service that dates back to 1907. In addition, they also provide ADA paratransit transportation utilizing 22 paratransit vehicles. Additional information about Sioux Falls Transit and the transit services they offer can be found at or by calling them at 605-367-7183.

About RouteMatch Software

RouteMatch Software is the leading transit ITS technology solutions provider for paratransit and fixed route systems. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and its software is currently in use at more than 220 sites in 40 states across the U.S. and has experienced one of the fastest growth rates within the industry in the past four years. Targeting private and public sector transportation providers, the company's products address routing, scheduling, dispatching, billing, reporting, fixed route CAD/AVL, transportation coordination, goal management tools, and more. Additional information about RouteMatch's ITS products is available at or by calling RouteMatch toll-free at 1-888-840-8791.

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