RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - August 21, 2007) - A recent report by business intelligence leader Cutting Edge Information indicates that as more and more companies establish dedicated thought leader management teams or departments, Web-based tools become more crucial when segmenting, identifying, training and recruiting thought leaders (

The report, "Pharmaceutical Thought Leaders 2007: Determining Fair-Market Value and Measuring Performance," shows that Web-based tools are growing in popularity with a little under half (48.9%) of surveyed companies indicating that they utilize the Web to aid in thought leader management activities.

Online databases are among the most popular Web tools for finding thought leaders. Many times, teams will conduct research on the Web to see what physicians are speaking at large conferences or seek out advisory panel members on national association websites. Some companies go as far as conducting introductions via the Web, in order to accommodate thought leaders' often hectic schedules.

The study also indicates that surveys are among the most helpful types of Web-based tools. "Survey tools allow companies to ask opinion leaders a variety of questions to get feedback on topics such as clinical development and competitive marketing," said Elio Evangelista, research team leader at Cutting Edge Information. "The surveys provide opinion leaders with a convenient way to comment on a company's strategies and tactics. In addition, surveys help assure thought leaders that they will be dealing with a company that values their input."

"Pharmaceutical Thought Leaders 2007: Determining Fair-Market Value and Measuring Performance," available at, is the most comprehensive study detailing relationship-building strategies, fair-market value benchmarks and thought leader segmentation criteria. Aside from in-depth metrics, the report also provides solutions to the top challenges faced by thought leader management teams, including:

--  Performance measurement
--  MSL staffing per thought leader
--  Structuring compliant thought leader management teams
--  Identifying and recruiting opinion leader candidates
--  Effective tools for KOL management

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