BIGresearch's SIMM 10 Profiles Hispanic Diversity

Hispanic Market Composed of Several Niche Markets

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - August 30, 2007) - Madison Avenue often homogenizes ethnic markets under tidy categories such as African American, Hispanic and Asian Americans. However, BIGresearch's ( latest Simultaneous Media Survey (SIMM 10) of 15,439 consumers indicates that the categorization into generic groups leaves marketers with an inaccurate picture of ethnic groups. This is particularly true with Hispanics as many of whom report being from multiple racial ethnic descents. In SIMM 10, Hispanics identified themselves racially as: as Caucasian (44.2%), Other Race / Heritage (34.6%) and Multi-Racial (16%).

"The breakout of Hispanic/Caucasian, Hispanic/Other Race and Hispanic/Multi-Racial consumers reveals differing cultural identities within the categories which give a real insight into the complexity of marketing to Hispanics who have their own internal diversity," said Joe Pilotta, VP, Strategy of BIGresearch.

Advertisers should also pay close attention to age and income as social and cultural markers of mobility within Hispanic groups. For example, those Hispanics who identify themselves as being Caucasian are generally older and report a higher income than other Hispanic races:

                                Average Age             Average Income
Hispanic / All 18+              36.5                    $51,918
Hispanic / Caucasian            40.8                    $57,748
Hispanic / Other                34.0                    $47,873
Hispanic / Multi-Racial         33.1                    $50,139

"Still too often marketers and advertisers lump Hispanics into over-simplified categories. Through increased research we aim to help advertisers and marketers better understand how they can optimize their ad dollars by effecting targeting niche markets within the Hispanic market that often times have more affinity for a product or service," said David Taggart, general manager Televisa Publishing.

The differences in the niche markets of Hispanics are apparent in their auto purchase plans and media usage such as magazines read most often and radio formats listened to most often.

Top 3 Vehicles Being Considered

All Adults      All             Hispanic        Hispanic        Hispanic
18+             Hispanics 18+   Multi-Racial    Caucasian       Other
Toyota          Toyota          Ford            Toyota          Toyota
Ford            Honda           Chevrolet       Honda           Honda
Honda           Ford            Toyota          Ford            BMW

Magazines read most often (Top 3):

All Adults            All                  Hispanic
18+                   Hispanics 18+        Multi-Racial
People 3.8%           Cosmopolitan 11.8%   Cosmopolitan 16.0%
Cosmopolitan 3.2%     Vanidades 7.3%       TV y Novelas 6.1%
Readers Digest 2.6%   TV y Novelas 6.6%    Vanidades 5.4%

Hispanic              Hispanic
Caucasian             Other
Cosmopolitan 8.2%     Cosmopolitan 11.4%
Vanidades 8.2%        TV y Novelas 8.5%
People 5.3%           Vanidades 6.1%

Radio formats listened to most often (Top 3):

All Adults              All                    Hispanic
18+                     Hispanics 18+          Multi-Racial
Rock 35.3%              Latin/Hispanic 50.6%   Latin/Hispanic 43.1%
Oldies 31.6%            Rock 32.6%             Rock 40.3%
Country 24.7%           Top 40/Pop 29.7%       Top 40/Pop 34.1%

Hispanic                Hispanic
Caucasian               Other
Latin/Hispanic 41.6%    Latin/Hispanic 61.2%
Rock 33.4%              Hip-Hop 35.8%
Top 40/Pop 29.6%        R&B 34.2%

Across race and ethnic categories, Hispanics tend to have a greater propensity to purchase big ticket items over the next six months.

Purchase Intentions Next 6 Months

                  All Adults  All           Hispanic     Hispanic  Hispanic
                  18+         Hispanics 18+ Multi-Racial Caucasian Other
Vacation          28.0%       32.3%         29.9%        33.3%     32.7%
Computer          15.6%       22.4%         27.1%        20.8%     22.2%
Furniture         15.3%       21.6%         21.3%        18.3%     23.7%
TV                13.9%       21.4%         25.2%        19.2%     22.8%
Home Improvement  13.6%       14.1%         15.9%        14.1%     12.6%
Car/Truck         11.9%       15.8%         17.8%        14.3%     16.0%

"If marketers are interested in strategic media planning and ROI, then cultural differences must truly be a part of a consumer-centric model, not just another variable," said Pilotta.

A complete report comparing Hispanic niche markets is available from BIGresearch.

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