BIGresearch's American Pulse(TM) Survey Findings: Most Don't Trust Politicians or Media

President More Trustworthy Than Congressmen or Senators and Bloggers Beat the Media

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - September 11, 2007) - Who do you trust? When it comes to politicians, it seems as if Washington politicians are not trusted by many according to the latest American Pulse Survey by BIGresearch. Only 2.6% of the 3,978 respondents say members of Congress are trustworthy and 2.2% say the same for the Senate. Even though only 14.2% say the President was trustworthy, relative to the Lawmakers, the gap is huge. The distrust of elected members of Congress and Senate is consistent among both sexes and all age groups. 70.7% don't trust any of the choices. Surprisingly, more people (5.8%) say bloggers are more trustworthy than the media (4.4%).

Who is More Trustworthy?

                       All 18+   Male   Female    18-34   35-54    55+
The President          14.2%     15.8%  12.7%     11.7%   12.8%   18.6%
Members of Congress     2.6%      2.6%   2.6%      2.8%    2.8%    2.2%
Members of Senate       2.2%      2.5%   2.0%      2.3%    1.1%    3.6%
The Media               4.4%      4.7%   4.2%      5.0%    3.8%    4.7%
Bloggers                5.8%      5.4%   6.3%      8.5%    6.1%    2.8%
I don't trust any
 of the above          70.7%     69.0%  72.3%     69.7%   73.4%   68.2%

Other topics weighed in on included:

--  Long-term prospects for social security -- 37.8% think it won't be
    around when they retire.
--  Differences of compensation between men and women -- 66.6% believe
    there is an imbalance between what men and women are paid.
--  Problems with the U.S. Healthcare System -- 93% believe there are
    problems with it.
--  Organic foods -- 48.6% don't buy them.
--  Michael Vick's future in the NFL -- 58% say he shouldn't be allowed to
    play again.

Other topics plus complete responses by key demographics can be accessed at

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