NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 17, 2007) - Solid Access Technologies, a leading provider of I/O acceleration appliances, today unveiled the Universal Solid State Disk (USSD) 200 at the High Performance on Wall Street event, booth #421, Hudson Suite, Roosevelt Hotel, NYC. The USSD 200 is a low latency, high-bandwidth device that augments existing hardware to eliminate the root cause of I/O bottlenecks by increasing random I/O access speeds by more than 250 times faster than hard disk drives.

The demand for rapid information retrieval is growing at an incredible rate. Impressive improvements have occurred in CPU performance and storage capacity, but hard disk drive I/O processing speed has not experienced comparable advances. Mechanical disks cannot access data fast enough to keep up with the speed of contemporary processors. As a consequence, transaction-intensive enterprise applications continue to be plagued by I/O bottlenecks that limit their throughput and productivity.

"We have struggled with the I/O issue for years," remarked Tim Bolden, president of iGLASS Networks, an SaaS (Software as a Service) provider of outsourced Network Operations Centers. "With traditional technologies, we would add servers and spindles to try to increase speed. We could tell from the system stats that most of our delays were caused by I/O wait states."

"The USSD 200 technology addressed the single largest performance challenge we faced," iGlass's Bolden added. "Solid State disks are significantly faster than traditional magnetic disks. By placing our frequently accessed files on the USSD 200, we almost completely eliminated I/O wait states on our servers."

Recently named one of the Top 10 Most Important SSD Manufacturers by, Solid Access is helping to dramatically improve response times in high-volume I/O traffic applications with the introduction of its USSD 200.

Features of the new I/O acceleration device include:

--  The world's fastest SCSI SSD, the industry's first and only SSD with
    3GB/s SAS interface
--  95,000 random IOPS via one single fibre channel port
--  3,600 MB/s aggregated bandwidth via multi fibre channel links (full
--  Priced at a fraction of all other ultra-fast SSDs

"Solid Access Technologies' Universal Solid State Disc (USSD) products are a cost-effective, better way to access data," said Tomas Havrda, managing partner, Solid Access Technologies. "Solid Access provides mature SSD technology: A low latency, high-bandwidth, market proven device that attacks the root cause of I/O bottlenecks by augmenting existing hard disk drive environments for just those files that make the difference between success and failure."

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