DOWNEY, CA--(Marketwire - September 18, 2007) - As Fall Car Care Month approaches in October, three of the nation's leading automotive experts recommend that consumers invest in some simple steps to achieve better fuel economy for their vehicles. Here are two tips each from Bobby Likis, Sam Memmolo and Roger Kwapich dedicated to car owners who are tired of high gas prices.

Likis, who hosts the popular nationwide Car Clinic Network radio and television shows, first suggests having a complete fuel induction system procedure. "That can eliminate engine respiratory sludge caused by regurgitation of oil vapors," explains Likis. He emphasizes having the work done at a qualified service outlet. He also suggests using light engine oil. "Use nothing heavier than 10W-30 engine oil, unless specifically dictated by your owner's manual. Lighter oil helps the engine run more smoothly, resulting in more miles per gallon."

Memmolo, co-host of Speed Channel's Two Guy's Garage, says that "In addition to maintaining the engine, you need to service the automatic transmission and be sure it is not slipping." He advises having your mechanic check the "Lock Up" feature of your torque converter. "A malfunctioning lock-up converter can cost you dearly in miles per gallon, and will generate excess heat," relates Memmolo. "Heat is the number one killer of automatic transmissions." Also, Memmolo says maintaining tire pressures and wheel alignment as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer "will increase tire life, fuel economy, improve safety and handling, and make driving easier."

Kwapich, one of the hosts of The C.A.R. Show on national radio, says in addition to maintenance consumers should ease off the accelerator when starting from a red light. "Your car will run leaner and won't use as much gas," said Kwapich. "On the highway, run about five miles under the posted speed limit. As you go faster, the engine requires a little richer fuel mix and uses more fuel per mile. Stay under the limit to save." Secondly, Kwapich says, "Never use a higher octane gasoline than your engine needs. It's like trying to put 16 ounces of fluid into a 12 ounce glass." He explains, "Use the right octane and you can save about a dime or more per gallon at each fill-up."

All three experts agree that consumers should install Tornado, a non-moving stainless steel device that efficiently swirls the air/fuel mixture to increase mileage by one to two miles per gallon. Each expert has tested the device and recommends it to their listeners and viewers. For more on Tornado's effectiveness, see videos about Tornado at Search for "Gas Saving Tornado."

Tornado is a nonmoving, turbine-shaped device that fits into the air intake pipe of most cars. It improves airflow in the combustion chamber and that leads to a more efficient mixing of air and fuel. Tornado retails for around $70 and can be installed in five to 10 minutes and lasts the lifetime of a vehicle. For more information on Tornado, visit


Tornado is a proven gas saving device that is environmentally friendly. It has a limited lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee. Tornado is available at leading auto parts and specialty distributors nationwide, including AutoZone, Checker, Shuck's and Kragen, NAPA, Pep Boys, Keystone Automotive, Murray's, and JC Whitney. For more information, contact Jay Kim, President, at 562-861-4000 or visit

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